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1 Jan. 1978
Oh, George Burns!
George Burns stops by Mel's Diner for a meal. Later Vera who has seen the Oh God! movie goes to his hotel room ready to follow him as his disciple since she really believes that he is God.
8 Jan. 1978
The Eyes of Texas
There is no way that Flo is getting glasses even though she obviously needs them.
15 Jan. 1978
Love Is a Free Throw
A high schooler has a crush on Alice.
22 Jan. 1978
Close Encounters of the Worst Kind
Little grips are causing big problems at Mel's Diner.
29 Jan. 1978
The Pharmacist
A protest against food additives could be fatal at Mel's Diner.
5 Feb. 1978
Love Me, Love My Horse
Alice is going out with Flo's cowboy brother.
19 Feb. 1978
Florence of Arabia
An Arab sheik has taken to Flo who would be his fourth wife.
26 Feb. 1978
The Cuban Connection
Alice plays marriage counselor for a Cuban and his wife.
5 Mar. 1978
Mel's Big Five-O
Mel SAYS that he doesn't want a 50th birthday party.
12 Mar. 1978
Don't Lock Now
Someone is stealing food and making long distance phone calls at Mel's Diner.
19 Mar. 1978
The Star in the Storeroom
Flo knows Jerry Reed and everyone wants tickets to his concert.
2 Apr. 1978
Mel's Recession
Mel considers cutting back on the staff.
9 Apr. 1978
An Indian predicts an earthquake in Phoenix.
12 Feb. 1978
The Reporter
A reporter is hiding out at Mel's Diner.
26 Mar. 1978
The Bus
A bus-load stops by Mel's Diner.
24 Sep. 1978
Take Him, He's Yours
Mel bets that he can raise Tommy better than Alice.
1 Oct. 1978
Car Wars
Alice and company buy Mel's car.
8 Oct. 1978
Citizen Mel
Mel identifies a crook for the police who is known to rough up witnesses against him.
15 Oct. 1978
Vera's Popcorn Romance
Vera meets someone at the movies that she doesn't want the others to meet.
22 Oct. 1978
Block Those Kicks
Everyone at Mel's Diner is on a habit breaking kick.
29 Oct. 1978
What Happened to the Class of '78?
Flo loves to party, but its hurting her night classes.
5 Nov. 1978
Better Never Than Late
Mel's Diner is robbed with Alice at the register and Mel sleeping in the storeroom.
11 Nov. 1978
Mel's in a Family Way
Mel thinks Alice's dinner invitation is more than just a family meal.
19 Nov. 1978
Who Ordered the Hot Turkey?
The turkeys Mel bought are hot even before they're put in the oven.
26 Nov. 1978
The Happy Hoofers
Alice's second job is making her late.
3 Dec. 1978
A Slight Case of ESP
Vera seems to be psychic and Mel wants to use that ability.
10 Dec. 1978
The Principal of the Thing
Alice is dating Tommy's principal much to his annoyance.
31 Dec. 1978
What're You Doing New Year's Eve?
Can Flo really be without a date on New Year's Eve?

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