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15 Jan. 1977
Mel's in Love
A young woman from New Jersey has stolen Mel's heart.
22 Jan. 1977
The Accident
Flo totals Mel's car after he entrusts it to the girls while he is away.
29 Jan. 1977
The Failure
After a botched robbery, the crook thinks that he is a failure.
5 Feb. 1977
The Hex
A gypsy puts a curse on Mel's Diner.
12 Feb. 1977
The Pain of No Return
Alice's deceased husband may have never paid his taxes.
26 Feb. 1977
The Odd Couple
Flo bunks with Alice after her trailer is stolen.
5 Mar. 1977
A Night to Remember
Alice and Flo try some matchmaking with Vera.
12 Mar. 1977
Mel's Cup
Mel's trophy is accidentally sent to a rummage sale.
19 Mar. 1977
The Bundle
After a bag of money is found at the diner, Alice is the only one interested in returning it.
26 Mar. 1977
Mel's Happy Burger
Mel is making a television commercial with Alice.
2 Oct. 1977
The Second Time 'Round
Flo's third husband shows up at the diner.
9 Oct. 1977
The Indian Taker
An Indian claims that Mel's Diner is on sacred Indian ground.
23 Oct. 1977
86 the Waitresses
When a new waiter is making more than the waitresses, they quit.
30 Oct. 1977
Alice by Moonlight
Singing in a nightclub in addition to her day job may be too much for Alice.
6 Nov. 1977
Single Belles
The girls stop by a new singles bar.
13 Nov. 1977
The Sixty Minutes Man
One of the customers at the diner may be a famous gangster.
4 Dec. 1977
That Old Back Magic
Mel's back has gone bad and he can't be moved from Alice's apartment.
11 Dec. 1977
Love Is Sweeping the Counter
After attending an out-of-town game, Flo and Mel and getting along very well.
18 Dec. 1977
A Semi-Merry Christmas
The gang is snowbound on their way to an out-of-town Christmas.

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