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Season 8

2 Oct. 1983
Mel Is Hogg-Tied
Boss Hogg and Enos (The Dukes of Hazzard) make Mel an offer he can't refuse.
9 Oct. 1983
Vera's Secret Lover
Vera's ecstatic. She has a secret admirer sending gifts, love poems and balloons. Like Vera, Alice and Jolene, wonder who it is. Mel "does" know who it is, but is tight lipped. Will the mystery man make his move and be unmasked?
16 Oct. 1983
Jolene Gets Her Wings
Jolene is now a part-time stewardess.
23 Oct. 1983
Alice's Blind Date
Alice accepts a date from an old friend who is now blind.
30 Oct. 1983
It Had to Be Mel
A famous singer stops by Mel's Diner and ends up proposing to Mel.
6 Nov. 1983
The Over-the-Hill Girls
Alice and Carrie don't get local singing jobs because they are considered too old.
20 Nov. 1983
Vera Gets Engaged
Vera finds love with the policeman who ticketed her for jaywalking.
20 Nov. 1983
Vera's Wedding
Vera has a whirlwind courtship and wedding with her policeman fiancee.
18 Dec. 1983
The Robot Wore Pink
The girls ask Mel for better working conditions but he refuses and they quit. So he invests in a robot server named Blanche. Will Blanche compute or short circuit,bringing the ladies back home?
25 Dec. 1983
Tis the Season to Be Jealous
It's Vera's 1st Christmas with Eliot, but Eliot's busy as an "undercover" mall Santa. He later spots Vera there, kissing her ex Steve Marsh, which makes him feel his marriage is already in trouble. Will their marriage survive the holiday?
1 Jan. 1984
Tommy Goes Overboard
Tommy's home from college feeling down,due to bad grades & a failed romance. Also,Mel gets a visit,his old Navy buddy Frank. Who ends up inspiring Tommy to consider a change,that Alice may not be crazy about.
8 Jan. 1984
Vera, the Horse Thief
Vera takes up the cause of an abused miniature horse.
15 Jan. 1984
Jolene Throws a Curve
Jolene doesn't want to pitch on Mel's softball team.
29 Jan. 1984
Lies My Mother Told Me
Mel's mother finally confesses that his dog was not a war hero.
12 Feb. 1984
Alice and the Devoted Dentist
Alice's dentist falls in love with her.
4 Mar. 1984
Alice's Hot Air Romance
Alice has to deal with a sexist balloonist.
11 Mar. 1984
Dollars to Donuts
After one good day at the track, Tommy decides to become a professional gambler.
18 Mar. 1984
My Dinner with Debbie
Vera's landlady wants to prove she's a better cook than Mel.
25 Mar. 1984
Vera's Fine Feathered Friends
Vera plans to rescue the bird's nest from Mel's sign before Mel gets rid of it.
1 Apr. 1984
Jolene Is Stuck on Mel
Jolene is stuck on Mel though being glued together is more like it.
15 Apr. 1984
Don't Play It Again, Elliot
Vera and Elliot receive a piano and Elliot won't stop playing it.
13 May 1984
Mel Spins His Wheels
Mel's prejudice against the handicapped is tested when he is confined to a wheelchair.
20 May 1984
Be It Ever So Crowded
Vera and Elliot buy a house.

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