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Season 1

31 Aug. 1976
Alice works at Mel's Diner with Flo and Vera. A talent agent comes to town and Alice is hoping for a big break.
29 Sep. 1976
Alice Gets a Pass
Alice receives a pass from an ex-football player.
6 Oct. 1976
A Piece of the Rock
The beneficiary of her late husband's will pays a visit to Alice.
13 Oct. 1976
Pay the Fifty Dollars
Alice is mistakenly arrested for prostitution.
20 Oct. 1976
A Call to Arms
An obscene phone caller has Alice considering getting a gun.
27 Oct. 1976
The Last Review
A food critic eats at Mel's Diner and dies.
6 Nov. 1976
Sex Education
Alice finds a picture of a naked woman in her son's wallet.
13 Nov. 1976
Big Daddy Dawson's Coming
Flo's new man makes a pass at Alice.
20 Nov. 1976
Good Night, Sweet Vera
Flo and Alice struggle with Vera and her sleeping pills.
27 Nov. 1976
The Dilemma
An old boyfriend of Alice's wants her to marry him.
4 Dec. 1976
Who Killed Bugs Bunny?
Tommy has a change of heart after a hunting trip.
11 Dec. 1976
Mother-in-Law: Part 1
Alice's mother-in-law wants to take up permanent residence in Phoenix.
18 Dec. 1976
Mother-in-Law: Part 2
Alice's mother-in-law wants to take up permanent residence in Phoenix.
25 Dec. 1976
Vera's Mortician
Vera's new boyfriend is Jerry, a mortician 20 years her senior. But Alice - already creeped out by Jerry's profession - suspects that he hasn't told naive Vera everything about his personal life.
15 Jan. 1977
Mel's in Love
A young woman from New Jersey has stolen Mel's heart.
22 Jan. 1977
The Accident
Flo totals Mel's car after he entrusts it to the girls while he is away.
29 Jan. 1977
The Failure
After a botched robbery, the crook thinks that he is a failure.
5 Feb. 1977
The Hex
A gypsy puts a curse on Mel's Diner.
12 Feb. 1977
The Pain of No Return
Alice's deceased husband may have never paid his taxes.
26 Feb. 1977
The Odd Couple
Flo bunks with Alice after her trailer is stolen.
5 Mar. 1977
A Night to Remember
Alice and Flo try some matchmaking with Vera.
12 Mar. 1977
Mel's Cup
Mel's trophy is accidentally sent to a rummage sale.
19 Mar. 1977
The Bundle
After a bag of money is found at the diner, Alice is the only one interested in returning it.
26 Mar. 1977
Mel's Happy Burger
Mel is making a television commercial with Alice.

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