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Get those mini bikes a-racing!!
Benjamin Wolfe31 July 2006
I remember this story of Good Ole' Chuck the moto-cross racer. Man it's been years since I have seen this and it was only once unfortunately. This is a 1975 classic Charlie Brown episode and I would love to find this on D.V.D. now for my 2 children.

A story not just about competing, but being a good sport as well. This like just about all the other 'PEANUTS' videos are great. My personal favorites, range in time from 1965 to 1986 Those are some of the old style animation before they had computer for everything. The old animation style is warmer and more friendly, much more authentic to me. So if you are reading this and you have kids, you can't go wrong, pick up a copy of one of your favorite 'Peanuts' episodes today!!
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Fuzzy Wuzzy2 March 2015
When it comes to being an all-round sport - This sweet, animated short (25 minutes) from 1975, has our young, pumpkin-headed protagonist, Charlie Brown, going in for such all-American, pastime activities as tennis, baseball, football, and, yes, even dirt-biking.

Of course, being good, ol' Charlie Brown (the ultimate blockhead) failure just seems to be his destiny in any sports arena. But whatever he tackles, you can always be sure that Charlie Brown can be counted on to plunge into any given activity with the winning spirit of a real loser.

This particular short was an Emmy Award winner. Its creator, Charles M. Shulz, is considered to be one of the most influential cartoonist of all time.

Sad to say - On Feb. 12. 2000, Charles M. Shulz, 77 at the time, died of cancer.
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You ought to try a new sport, Charlie Brown
Shawn Watson14 December 2009
Bored with football and at the end of his tether with Lucy for always pulling the ball away at the last second during place kicks (he just never learns) Chuck tries his luck at Motocross after Peppermint Patty turns up riding a new motorcycle. There's a big race coming up but the only bike poor old Chuck can afford is a shambling wreck (much like he could only afford a pathetic excuse of a Christmas tree).

The race, of course, is a disaster. But luckily Chuck has the least bad luck of all the contestants and manages to limp across the finish line in first place. However the promised prize of tickets to the Pro Bowl is not available and instead Chuck is awarded vouchers for free haircuts (Charlie Brown's dad is a barber).

Even when Chuck has some good luck it turns out bad. Though it's nice to see him win for once.
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A typically delightful Peanuts TV special
Woodyanders13 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Charlie Brown competes in a grueling motocross bike race against scruffy tomboy Peppermint Patty and his ever-irrepressible pooch Snoopy, who participates in the race under the funky alter ego of the Masked Marvel. Director Phil Roman and writer Charles M. Schulz expertly craft a lively and funny twenty-five minute diversion with a warm, engaging tone, bright, colorful animation, a funky and syncopated get-down groovy 70's workover of Vince Guaraldi's infectiously jaunty'n'jazzy score, and, most of all, a good-natured quality which in turn makes this program quite appealing and enjoyable. Comic highlights include Snoopy excelling at a solo game of tennis and throwing a fit after he loses a game to Woodstock, the always hilarious football gag, Marcia conducting interviews with the race's contestants and hogging the spotlight during said interviews, Charlie Brown being sent to the vet and Snoopy being sent to a fancy hospital after they both wipe out in the big race, Linus making an impromptu helmet out of a pumpkin for Charlie Brown, and Snoopy having a quick picnic during the race. Amazingly, the usually hapless Charlie Brown wins the race, although the prize he receives turns out to be really lame and useless. Still, it's nice to see Charlie emerge victorious for once and the central message about how it's more important to try your best than it is to win is sweet and inspiring. A total treat.
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Not a fan, but it was okay all in all
Warning: Spoilers
"You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown" is an American 25-minute cartoon and the title gives away that here we got another Peanuts episode circled around Charlie and the gang. This one's from 1975, so already over 40 years old and it won an Emmy back then. The fact that Phil Roman directed here made me especially curious as I am really a big Garfield fan, his trademark series, and he didn't let me down with this one either. Script and story are as always by Charles M. Schulz. This one's all about sports, motocross for the most part, but the first five minutes belong to Snoopy playing tennis and due to my personal liking in the sport and in the character, this was the highlight for me without a doubt. Would have made a good 5-minute short too. Anyway, of course Chuck wants to kick the football again, more than ever this time given the film's subject. The rest is typical Peanuts humor. If you like their other stuff, you will enjoy this one too like the scenes with the interrupting reporter or the barber part at the very end or the pumpkin helmet. There is always some kind of sobering, maybe even slightly depressing, comedy to these Peanuts shorts. Grown-ups and their voices don't play a big part in here. It's probably not among the most known from the series, but it is among my top5 favorites perhaps, but then again I am far from a big Peanuts fan. No shot at number 1 though. All in all, I give it a thumbs-up and positive recommendation. See it.
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