Last Stop on the Night Train (1975) Poster

Plot Keywords

christmas train
germany italy
christmas eve nymphomaniac
friend thug
parents night train
psychotic night
controversy death
banned film penis
falling from height falling from a train
terror sex on a train
train conductor conductor
verona italy reported to police
vengence nude photo
christmas tree bomb scare
news report dinner party
erection pornographic photo
sex in a toilet husband wife relationship
christmas horror rape and revenge
hypodermic needle stabbed to death
heroin addict brutality
police officer police
perversity beating
missing train station
suspicion escape
crying tie
rampage wrath
anger depravity
death of daughter pervert
public telephone forced to strip
undressing nymphomania
sadness bitterness
shot in the chest shot in the neck
shot in the leg shot to death
shooting doctor
medical doctor car driving
radio news radio
telephone tragic event
escape attempt running
vengeance shotgun
adolescent girl teenage girl
dead girl defloration by rape
deviant sex sex
rape victim rape and murder
jumping from a train pantyhose
voyeur virgin
veil stabbed in the crotch
manipulation hypocrisy
heroin hand job
exploitation evil woman
woods tree
train yard train ride
telephone call teenage boy
syringe surgeon
stripping stabbing
sexual tension sexual sadism
sexual predator sexual perversion
sexual humiliation sexual harassment
sexual cruelty sexual assault
sexual abuse serial killer
search screaming
sadist run
room rapist
railroad rage
pubic hair perversion
panic nurse
mysterious woman mistreatment
misogyny mercilessness
maniac living room
lady knife murder
italian horror injection
impalement humiliation
hostage homicidal
gun gore
gloves friendship
fondling female rear nudity
fear evil man
dying man drug use
disfigurement desperation
degradation darkness
danger cruelty
criminal cigarette smoking
car brunette
brawl blood
blonde black gloves
bathroom attraction
abuse female nudity
video nasty house
rape female frontal nudity
nudity murder
sadism mental illness
violence vomit
harassment revenge

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