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In the UK PAL version DVD, between the "Uncle Ernie scene" and the scene that Frank Hobbs walks up the blue lit staircase, there is a scene showing Nora and Frank coming through the front door of their flat and ponder for a moment where the strange noises are coming from. Proceeding this, Frank walks to the staircase and heads upstairs.
In the UK PAL DVD version, during the "Uncle Ernie" scene, the final cut (or intended directors version) has a green filter effect throughout the entire scene. In the American version, the green filter effect is not present which means this effect was added at some point during post production.
The first shot in the "Acid Queen" song scene was omitted from the original 1982 VHS version of the film.
The close-up shot of "Holy Marylin Monroe"'s crotch was deleted from the "Eyesight To The Blind" song scene in the syndicated television version of the film.
One of the Uncle Ernie and Frank Hobbs reaction shots was deleted from the "Acid Queen" song scene in the syndicated television version of the film.
New music has been added to the 5.1 recreation of the Original Quintaphonic Mix on the US DVD version. The new audio elements include:
  • a new guitar solo (presumably Pete Townshend recorded in 1993 during THE WHO'S TOMMY ON BROADWAY Original Cast Recording recording sessions) laid atop the instrumental breakdown in the song "1951 (You Didn't Hear It)"
  • a brand new remix of the song "Cousin Kevin" in place of the original mix.
New CGI shots have been added to the DVD version of the film. These include:
  • digital burning embers to the RAF planes being shot down in Tommy's first hallucination in the "Amazing Journey" song scene.
  • A birds'-eye-view shot of Tommy falling down through the shattered mirror into the water in the transition between the "Smash The Mirror!" song scene and the "I'm Free" song scene.
When shown on Anglia Television (part of the British ITV network) in 1989, the short 'blackout' scene during the Uncle Ernie sequence - consisting of sound effects of footsteps, gurgling, twanging and maniacal laughter over a completely blank screen - was deleted.

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