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  • Take a clichéd Horror-story beginning, a remote Gothic mansion, an insane hostess, a group of strangers (four men, three women and a gorilla) and you pretty much begin to see that this is not meant to be a serious film, but rather a parody of several other (older and better) ones. Social and sexual confusion & misunderstanding guarantees that this odd cast of characters will come together and entertain & amuse.

  • On a dark and stormy night, a group of strangers find themselves stranded at a remote mansion, so they soon indulge in swapping bizarre personal stories - and bodily fluids.


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  • It's a black and stormy night on the prairie, as the rain hammers down and rising rivers wash out the bridges. Alone (?) in her dilapidated mansion, Mrs. Gert Hammond (Marion Eaton) drinks - heavily - to the memory of her dead husband and her son who "no longer exists." Out in the storm, travelers Sash (Melinda McDowell), Roo (Moira Benson) and Toydy (Rick Johnson), a hitchhiker they've picked up, crash their car! Passersby Chandler (Mookie Blodgett) and Bond (Ken Scudder) rescue them, and they all converge on Mrs. Hammond's house, the only shelter for miles around, where they change into dry clothes and spend the long prairie night squabbling with each other, forming random sexual liaisons and dragging out each others' deepest, darkest secrets. Late arrival Bing (screenwriter George Kuchar), having crashed his circus truck on the treacherous roads, stumbles in with what may be the strangest tale of them all, and Mrs. Hammond, who has some pretty dark secrets of her own, tries hard to be a gracious hostess as the night unfolds.

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