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Anything to declare? Just my cock
John Seal14 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Cockfighting. You're either a fan, or you think it's one of the most repulsive acts of animal abuse imaginable. I'm in the latter camp, which may explain my complete and utter bafflement regarding (ahem) Supercock, or as it is also known thanks to our friends at Paragon Home Video, Fowl Play. Ross Hagen plays Seth Calhoun, a long lean Oregon (?!?) cowboy-type who travels to the Philippines to enter his (ahem) cock in a, erm, prestigious international cockfight. He hooks up with local beauty Yuki (Nancy Kwan) and crosses proverbial swords with the opposition No-No Brothers with his incredible (ahem) cock Friendly. The real mystery of Supercock is how it got a PG rating--Paragon's print proudly wears its MPAA rating card prior to the (very poorly animated) opening credit sequence. Perhaps lines like 'he's got the biggest cock I've ever seen' were assumed to be over the heads of the pre-teen audience.
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