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moviesenthil21 June 2002
Warning: Spoilers
No film before or after Sholay has achieved as much - running to full houses in an unbroken 6 year stretch! Consider the fact that this happened in India - where the audiences have the most choices amongst all the people of the world. Consider the fact that no movie anywhere in the world has been able to reap even half this success that Sholay enjoys.

It is potent, does not pretend, and has clearly been made with courage and conviction. It was made for the enjoyment of its predominantly Indian, fun-loving audiences, so my dear detractors from the clan of the perennially cynical, reality-fed, fun deprived masses of the world, kindly excuse yourselves. Sholay is quintessential Mumbai produce - you either consume and enjoy in total acceptance, or you're not fit for the ride. It is as simple as that.

The world would be a poorer place without films like Sholay, not only because of the almost arrogant instantaneous and total suspension of disbelief it demands from its audiences, but because of the honesty and sheer power of that demand. You go to a boxing match to see two boxers fight it out, not to see them playing chess in the middle of the ring!

Sholay will always be an incredible and shining example of purity, because it was the purest attempt made to entertain, with absolutely no quarters even considered for critical acclaim from the so called pundits of cinema.

Yours truly is guilty of seeing this film 23 times to date, 17 of these in the theatres. And if opportunity allows, I wouldn't mind being sentenced to death with more of this guilt delightfully added to my conscience.

As with any other film, there have been many comments on what is wrong with Sholay. To these, here is my personal quote - "A good film is about getting most things right, not about getting the fewest things wrong!"

And here is my response to other heartless comments on Sholay being a copy of some other film or filmmaker's work - "If every human was an original, we would have 6 billion different species without a single one to call friend or family".

To argue against failure may be human, but to argue against success is sub-human. You may limit yourselves if you so wish.
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Plain Excellent
KIng-SIngH17 March 2006
This movie is just the best movie i have seen. (I have watched around 570 movies) (Its my favorite movie).It has all the elements that a good movie must have:

Excellent Dialogues.

Excellent Music.

Excellent Acting. (Even the extra's where excellent)

Excellent Story/Plot.

Good Songs.

And it has much genres, who are handled very well in this movie: Action/Comedy/Romance/Drama/Adventure/Thriller (not really, but a kind of Thriller)/Musical/Crime. Each word of this movie is excellent. I think it has the greatest story ever! I was hurted when i came to know that Mr. Ram Gopal Varma is remaking this classic... Despite becoming the most successful film of its time, it failed to win any major popular or critics awards. The lone Filmfare award it got went to M.S. Shinde for Best editing. The plot is about a retired police officer Thakur (Sanjeev Kumar) who hires two convicts Veeru and Jai (Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan) to capture Gabbar Singh (a Dacoit) who had killed the cop's entire family (except the cop and his daughter-in-law).

Who has not seen this movie, try it once, you will love it. *****
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hprill5 January 2004
If you liked "Once upon a time in the west", "The magnificent seven" and "A fistful of dollars", you will love "Sholay". It takes all the good ingredients of a western, spices it with a lot of Indian ingredients and lets it simmer until you get one of the finest "curry" westerns imaginable. Though obviously very much inspired by the "spaghetti" westerns of the late 1960s/early 1970s, this easily surpasses most of the films it's modeled after. A masterpiece.
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Great Movie... Everyone should have seen this movie at least one time !
ahsen4 November 2005
Great Movie... Everyone should have seen this movie at least one time ! I bought this movie on DVD now, although I am not a big fan of elder films... i love this film, and especially the dialogs of GB ! For all Amitabh fans its a must have movie ! The whole story is really good and the movie has a flair of an American western. Even the sound of Sholay and the atmosphere which is given to the watcher are one of the best i have seen in Bollywood. I have heard, there will be a remake of this film, but I think it could not be as good as the original Sholay. All because of the actors like Amjad Khan who was born for this role. This film is one of bollywood's best movies ever.
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one of the greatest Hindi ever made !
kokje4 November 2004
This movie has everything, comedy, action, drama, romance, fun, emotions. Great performance by all the characters. They are remembered even today in 2004 after nearly 30 years of the film release. I heard that this movie is now re-released with remastered sound. wow ! cant' wait to fetch the DVD of this remastered version.

The most impressive role of Gabbar by Amjad Khan was portrayed extremely well.

Its also one the longest movie. Its quite normal for bollywood movies to be 3 hours long. But this one is even longer than this. But certainly ever minute of the movie is enjoyable.

This movie is my all time favorite.
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Perfect Movie
emptor18 February 2003
Can't find a single flaw in the movie. Probably one of the best ever made in Hindi. The camera work is flawless and grips you. The acting is inspired. The music is memorable. One of the movies you remember for life.
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The Definitive Masterpiece...
breakdowndawalls14 April 2005
As a strong fan of the American Western genre and of course the directing of Sergio Leone, it is with great enthusiasm that i recommend Sholay to any audiences or fans of Westerns and Bollywood cinema.

Perhaps, the greatest film in the history of Bollywood cinema (with one of the longest theatrical runs in Bollywood history), this is the definitive Bollywood action epic movie in the same way that Leone's 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' was the definitive Western.

The film features the acting talents of such Bollywood legends...Amitabh Bachan and Dharmendra and focuses at its heart, a story of friendship, courage and revenge, based loosely around the concepts of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai & The Magnificent Seven.

If you have not watched it, then make it your priority to watch it at least once in your life, as this is definitely one of the movies that every person needs to experience.

A true cinematic masterpiece.
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The Greatest Story Ever Told!
anant_mathur8 May 2005
"Kitne Aadmi Thei", every Indian film fan knows this dialog by heart. Sholay was released in 1975, also the year I was born in, coincidence, perhaps. The film became the longest running Indian film in the theaters, a record that stood for over 25 years until it was broken recently by another classic "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge" (holds the current record 500 Weeks and still going - as on May 07, 2005).

Sholay was written by the great Duo of Javed Akhtar and Salim Khan know as Salim-Javed. The duo also gave us films like Don, Shakti, Shaan, Zanjeer, Seeta Aur Geeta and Deewar. The film was directed by Ramesh Sippy and had music of legendary R.D. Burman. Sholay gave us a Character called "Gabbar Singh" played by Amjad Khan, who made his debut with this film. The character of Gabbar Singh is so creative that many film makers have tried to imitate him for their films.

Sholay did for Indian Cinema what Casablanca did for Hollywood. It became an instant classic and broke all the rules of film making and characterization, while preserving the values of Indian cinema.

Sholay just won the Filmfare Award (2005) for being the Best Film in the last 50 years of Indian Cinema. Sadly, when Sholay was first released in 1975 it didn't win any major Filmfare awards. But when you think about all the great films that were released in that year, its easy to see how it may have been over looked. 1975 may have been the best year for Hindi films with the likes of Deewar, Chupke Chupke, Hera Pheri, Khel Khel Mein, Julie, Mausam, Ponga Pandit, Rafoo Chakkar, Uljhan, Dharmatma, Do Jasoos, Faraar, Geet Gaata Chal, Chhoti Si Baat, Aandhi and Milli - all releasing along with Sholay.

Sholay had the biggest star cast of its time with the likes of Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bhaduri, Sanjeev Kumar, Sachin, A.K. Hangal, Leela Mishra, Satyen Kappu, Mac Mohan, Jagdeep, Asrani, Helen, Jalal Agha, Iftekhar, Keshto Mukherjee and of course Amjad Khan. The Greatest Cast Ever Assembled for the Greatest Story Ever Told!
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SHOLAY..........the name says it all(BEST Hindi MOVIE EVER)
asksahil3 December 2006
I am shocked seeing that the IMDb ratings for this classic is just 6.6. Why? Because the movie is strongly influenced from the Westerns? or It it isn't entertaining enough?

The 2nd cant be true because the movie had everything: strong script strong direction excellent characters and performances good action,comedy,romance,friendship,etc

If the 1st is true then i feel sorry for the viewers because being influenced is not being copied.Besides there would remain only like 50-60 original scripts if counted correctly.

I cannot find a single flaw in the movie which is my personal thinking and as it would be of true Hindi cinema fans.

So people please judge the movie on its merits and not on something which is totally baseless.

RATING:- *****/*****
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vitalstatistix13 July 2000
This is one movie which is flawless. Great performances from everyone. The cast of the movie is just perfect. Gabbar's character remains indelibly etched on your mind once you've seen him in action. Amitabh is definitely one of the greatest actors of all times. His portrayal of a criminal with morals is all the way tops along with Brando's Vito Corleone. I think the part about cheating with false coin to save Viru's life (sacrificing his own) was a lovely storyteller's touch. 10 all the way!
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Everybody knows this is the Best Bollywood film ever made
Liakot Ali8 June 2006
Everybody knows this is the Best Bollywood film ever made. I am surprised that this films rating in IMDb is not 10 /10 that it deserves. If you ask any Bollywood genius about this movie, they will tell you its the Best film of all time. Its no. 1 in the top 100 Best Bollywood Movies Stardust magazine. This movie had all the elements to make a great movie. Great Acting, Great Dialouges, Great music, Violence, comedy, Romance, Emotions and Relationships (Friendship). It stars Bollywood's Greatest ever actor Amitabh Bchchan in a Powerhouse performance. Dharmendra in his Best film that I've seen. Hema Malini is fantastic as the in famous fast talking Basanti. Jaya Bachchan is superb as the quiet widow. Amjad Khan steals the show as the legendary famous Villain Gabbar Singh. The other cast have done a decent job. This is the Greates Film Bollywood have released. Fullstop.
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One of the truly great films ever made
Koya6 November 1998
I have yet to come across anyone who has disliked this film; even people I know who dislike Indian films admit that Sholay is a truly great film. The reason is quite simple....the genres covered are universal, and the acting and direction is quite phenomenal. The characters are so brilliantly portrayed that one can sense their emotions within oneself. It has long been argued about who is the best actor in the film. Well for me, it is impossible to tell. Amjad Khan plays Gabbar Singh magnificently, but then again you have Amitabh as Jai, Dharmendra as Veeru, Hema Malini as Basanti and Sanjeev Kumar as Thakur Baldev Singh, all of who put in immaculate performances. How can one choose between them? To 'put the icing on the cake', Sholay also contains two of the greatest songs in Bollywood history(yeh dostee and jub koyee haseena root jaatee hai). When I first watched this film as a child, I was almost crying at the end. Even now when I watch it I find myself getting emotional. Yet there are parts in this film that make you laugh hysterically. So no matter what kind of films you like, this is definitely one to really is one of the truly great films ever made.
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one of the greatest movies ever made
arupananda-yash21 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
this was, is and will be the epitome of movies made in Hindi. the total package was as complete as any movie can come in. soundtrack by R.D.Burman is one of the finest ever made in any cinema. the movie is based on the life of a police officer whose family is brutally murdered by a dacoit whom he had captures early in his career.wounded in the fight , he hires two small-time crooks to help him get his revenge.the cinematography, direction, sets, location, and above all the extraordinary performances by each and every actor in the movie makes it a visual and mental treat. a tight storyline, with just the right flow in the script. whew!!! the more i say the less it sounds. see it to believe it.
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A Great Movie
Karan DV9 November 2005
One thing that strikes most about this movie is the characterization. Millions of people still remember the characters in this movie. The plot is inspired from "Seven Samurai" but it is adapted well to the Indian backdrop. This movie was made at a time when bandits were not an extinct species. The plot is simple, Thakur (Sanjeev Kumar) is a cop who arrests a notorious bandit Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan) only to gain his wrath. The bandit escapes and massacres Thakur's family and severs both his arms. Thakur hires two men, Veeru and Jay (played by Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan) to capture Gabbar.

All the characters of this movie have left a mark on Indian cinema for a long time and will continue to remain so. Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bachchan and Hema Malini are all brilliant in the movie. But one man steals the show as the villain who is cunning, merciless and evil. Gabbar Singh's character was played by Amjad Khan and he is fantastic in the film. It is because of him that the movie became the greatest Indian film ever !! 10/10
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Best 10 Movies (and 11th too!)
economistchinmay24 April 2005
Best 10 Movies

Pather Panchali, Bandini, Saaransh, Shole, Shakti, Anand, Awaara, Satya, Golmaal, Hera-Pheri.

and 11th Shwas (Marathi Movie!)

Basically, whether a person likes a movie or not is subjective. Still, there are certain guidelines to rate a movie. The subject of the movie (Pather Panchali, Bandini, Saaransh), the way it is presented (Awaara), production quality (that is why I discarded Andaaz apana apana), camera angles (Shole is best in this section but satya, aawaara are great too!), the dramatization of the subject (Shakti, Anand) are some of the elements that makes a movie great. Comedy is one of the hardest skill to acquire and perform. That is why I included Golmaal and Hera-Pheri. The seemingly easy subject are presented in such a hilarious ways that these movies definitely deserve accolades.

Shwas is my personal favourite. It is a Marathi movie. And the story is about a grandfather and his 6 years old grandson, who is about to loose his eyesight due to rare cancer.
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Tumhara naam kya hai Basanti.
pushkarw7 January 2006
This is the greatest Indian movie ever made. Each dialogue, each scene, each song, each character is immortal. I have seen this movie at least 10 times and it does not fail to evoke deep emotions every time. From the very first train sequence, Gabbar Singh's entry, a father's plight after discovering his son's dead body and the final clash between good and evil, this movie is masterful story telling. Although Zanjeer created the angry young man image for Amitabh, this movie surely set him on the path to super stardom. This movie was so good that even Ramesh Sippy, the direcor, has since not been able to create a movie to match this one.
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Apex Success of the Silver Screen
worldphrase29 April 2005
Absolutely phenomenal success. Nearly 70% of Indian population has seen the movie at least once. If were to count people having seen more than once, number of hours watched of this movie crosses 14 billion hours!! Currency converted value, it has garnered nearly 150 million USD, plus equal amount is black market. All needed now is to have superb sound in 3D Surround, and this movie will fetch another 500 million USD, as Bollywood is getting much needed exposure to global consumers. I am very sure this movie will remain most watched movie in the cinema world for ever, as its charm has not vanished, at least in South Asian viewers.
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A case study for management students.An outstanding creation, the movie made in 1975 has a timeless feel to it.
prawal_19716 February 2007
An outstanding creation, the movie made in 1975 has a timeless feel to it. one can watch it any day and still relate to it. each and every depiction in the movie is appropriate. it depicted the extremes of human emotions of the protagonist and antagonist, village life, its superstitions, the simple joys and sorrows of life. the pace of movie is fantastic. the dialogues are most apt for the situations and i wonder if there was any better dialogue possible for those characters. The cult status which has been attained by this movie is likely to make life difficult for someone who wishes to make a remake of this movie. comparisons are going to be very strong and purists would deal with a substandard replication very severely. This movie is the white demonstration of film making, a bouquet of excellent performances in acting and technical departments where the impact of the film is far greater than sum of impact of all departments. A case study for management students.
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A Superhit Indian Western !!
Umar Mansoor Bajwa10 August 2006
Undoubtedly, this mega movie is a milestone in the Bollywood filmography. The film has good characterization of vengeful roles, brilliant portrayal of tragic and terrifying sequences, as well captivating cinematography reminiscent of Hollywood western movies.

This was the Indian motion picture which set the stage for a different type of movies, that is to say, action movies with vital ingredients of violence, not yet crafted by Indian producers/directors and unknown among the local audience.

The full and befitting advantage of this sort/dimension of Indian cinema went to Amitabh Bachan (the Fighter/Angry Hero)and the inevitable looser was the then Super Star - romantic Rajesh Khanna who was very much unable to fit into or appropriately perform angry, violent and action studded sequences that happened to be the cry of those days.

All said, the Indian Cinema moved from moral based drama to western styled Hollywood movies that was not the quintessential forte of Indian polity. You can say that the cinematic imagination transformed from the sublime to the crazy and temporal.

Sholay is a very interesting movie directed by the same man who had just a couple of years ago directed Andaz - a very different family movie based on real-to-life social drama. All credits to Ramesh Sippy -the Trendsetter.
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Movie well made
kramachandran6 July 2007
This movie needs no introduction. This stands as the largest all-time grosser of Bollywood. Considering the fact that in that same year 1975 , there were several other movies that became hits later on and this movie faced a lot of competition from these movies. This is a 'multi-starrer', a trend in those days.

Many dialogs in this movie became very popular in every home in India and this movie itself became a household word. Every major star in this movie has done an excellent job. The direction is very good , the photography flawless. The background music score is very apt, though it resembles the spaghetti western score.

But in my opinion this movie only deserves 7 stars for the mere fact that this movie is a plagiarized though Indianized version of The Kurosawa's Japanese classic " The Seven Samurai". The above is a well known fact but what is little known is the trivia that this movie also borrowed a lot of its powerful ingredients from the Gary Cooper's classic "High Noon". Another tit bit is that the movie "Mera Gaon Mera Desh" that was released a few years before was another inspiration for this movie Sholay. Though the movie "Mera Gaon Mera Desh" has taken after "High Noon" to a greater degree. Also, many scenes in this movie are influenced by the spaghetti western style of movie making.

But all said and done a great movie and as they say it in Hindi "Paisa Vasool".. certainly worth watching at least once.
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a movie as great as this will never be made again..
vpvp22 November 2000
This movie has everything. Awesome action, wit and humour in the dialogues, the greatest hero of indian cinema, the greatest villain of all times. It captured the imagination of every movie goer and even today mothers discipline their children by telling them about gabbar singh..
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Best Indian Film Ever
bhatian19 November 2005
Excellent characterization, acting, scripting, directing, and cinematography all put together in this film brings out the best film ever made in India.

The film story line is very simple, yet very interesting to watch. Acting and dialogs in this film hold a very high caliber according to various film aficionado's. The film is about two young men hired to stop a group of bandits in a small village.

I especially recommend every film student to watch this film at least twice in order to grasp the tradition of quality film-making. "Sholay" has a winning formula which is rare to find in todays film-making.

Watch it! SCORE: 10/10
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All-Time Indian Classic
Chimpu11 September 2005
Well, this movie speaks for itself. 'Sholay' is the quintessence of a very popular genre in Bollywood - "Crime+Drama". Acting, Dialogues and Cinematography is impeccable. Regarding the plot - its novelty, people may argue that its a mixture of many Hollywood movies (of 'western' genre). I have seen most of those movies which are claimed to be the 'archetype' of this classic. It surely carries the hints of them but you should know that - "to steal ideas from one source is 'plagiarism' but to steal from multiple sources is what is known as 'research' (no offense to researchers !)". The Sholay crew did their groundwork and research and delivered a true MASTERPIECE.10/10
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one of the best Indian landmark movies
lumyamerislamamer29 September 2005
a landmark movie and one of the best.i give it 10 out of 10.

i also want to say that this movie is not a remake and the plot is original. and any American who says that it is a remake then he is rude and a dirty liar because it is just inspired by other western movies and this movie is an Indian western that is much better than any American western because the Indian actors and actresses have true and warm emotions that the American actors and actresses don't have. it was directed with an unmatched excellence.i recommend it very much to everyone.

it is such a wonderful movie.

a true masterpiece.
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