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Sex & Nudity

  • The plot of the movie is a hairdresser who sleeps/has sex with his customers.
  • During the opening credits is heard the sound of a man and woman moaning. The scene starts in darkness. When the bathroom light is turned on the man is standing and we see the woman in bed with a sheet up to her waist. Her breasts are seen from the side.
  • A woman is having her hair styled in her bathroom at home. She is wearing a towel. As they start kissing after her hair is done the towel falls slightly to reveal her breasts from the front.
  • A hairdresser arrives to pick up a female client at her home. She is not home yet. Her teenaged daughter serves him a snack. After they talk for a few minutes she asks him if he's having sex with her mother. A few minutes later she asks him if he'd like to have sex with her. The client is then shown arriving home. She enters her daughters bedroom as he is coming out of the daughter's ensuite bathroom. Sex is implied.
  • A woman removes only her panties. She lays on top of a man on a bed. No nudity. Sex is implied.
  • At a private party there are a few brief scenes showing men and women skinny-dipping. A woman is shown naked from behind at a distance. Her breasts are seen from behind and below.
  • At the same party a woman is seen fully nude, body painted except for her nipples. Also at the same party a couple are seen through a window having sex in the pool house. He is shown naked from the waist down on top of her.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

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