Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) Poster

Plot Keywords

libertine voyeur
piano blood
torture teenage boy
sexual torture borderline personality disorder
sex graphic violence
scantily clad female banned film
faecal sicko
scatology scat
redistribution of sex marquis de sade
feces on face evil man
dehumanization coprophagy
collectivism city name in title
digit in title craps
collectivist society city in title
bottom feeder subjective camera
bare chested male topless female nudity
interracial sex falling from a window
mental torture coprophagia
filicide jumping from a window
gay slur nipples
church degradation
coprophilia dancing
leather obsession candle
eye gouging stab wound
waltz evil
rough sex crying
punishment bare breasts
voyeurism face slap
hell prostitute
branding iron pubic hair
throat slitting wedding dress
binoculars song
female rear nudity scalping
trap barbarism
deviant behavior excrement
lesbian reference to the marquis de sade
perversity panties
fork masturbation
homosexual sex adult actress playing minor
human branding fake wedding
feces murder victim
debauchery teenage sex
vagina dead girl
stabbing mutilation
storytelling whipping
notoriety wash basin
deviant sex world war two
bed long take
no panties violence
infamy chapter headings
catholic church dress
hat gay
betrayal nihilism
nudity rape
quotation singing
stripping broken rule
hanging bare butt
loss of mother knife
anti nazism bondage ropes
controversy screaming
homosexuality kiss
victim male rear nudity
underwear fondling
gun house
forced marriage ambiguous ending
branding bondage
bowel movement bishop
scream spit in the face
execution torture device
suffering upskirt
brutality satire
dance cross dressing
kidnapping pervert
sexual abuse asphyxiation
shot to death sexual cruelty
misanthropy stabbed in the forehead
salò hyperrealism
sodom closeted homosexual
bicycle power
fellatio pain
suicide by falling radio
whip room
sodomy gore
erection gun held to head
matricide suicide
italian fascism villa
dead body joke
bodyguard eating nails
perversion hysteria
nipples visible through clothing urination
shot in the head meal
wedding eccentric
maid conga line
transvestism fascist salute
social commentary reference to dante
sexual humiliation extreme film
tragedy mental illness
place name in title forced to strip
nazi female nudity
erotica male full frontal nudity
female full frontal nudity forced sexual contact
female frontal nudity defecation
group sex sexual victim
erotic torture stabbed in the eye
eye removal tortured to death
nipple burning gay sex
anal rape sex with a minor
oral sex insanity
burned alive body mutilation
avant garde violent sex
tongue ripping teenage girl
sexual violence sexual sadism
sexual perversion sadomasochism
sadist rapist
masochism mansion
male rape macabre
disfigurement blood splatter
penis male nudity
lesbian sex lesbian kiss
gay kiss anal sex
death cult film
male frontal nudity fetishism
burning flesh sadism
excrement eating fascism
cruelty murder
urophilia 1940s
teenager italy
based on novel number in title

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