The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Poster

Plot Keywords

castle transvestite
transsexual transylvania
ohio audience participation
time warp alien
death rock 'n' roll
butler marriage proposal
motorcycle maid
killer throws a dinner party victim invited to dinner
1970s unknowingly eating human flesh
woman shot with ray gun pastiche
bra slip the undergarment
undressing musician
song experiment
reanimation electricity
creator creation relationship groupie
explosion exploding castle
monster telephone
seduction bisexual
synthetic man reference to rko radio pictures
busby berkeley spoof scientist
americana boyfriend girlfriend relationship
cross dressing cult
turned to stone gay
blow job briefs
male underwear bare chested male
stage one night
main character dies murder
laser freezer
criminologist loss of virginity
fiance fiancee relationship dark and stormy night
sexual attraction narrator
black comedy brother sister relationship
reference to fay wray church
based on stage musical black bra and panties
surrealism singing
singer dancing
dancer gay interest
nipples lesbian kiss
midnight movie incestuous overtones
eccentric fishnet stockings
surveillance drag
scene based on painting bisexuality
maid uniform swimming pool
paraplegic sexual discovery
actor playing multiple roles saxophone
science experiment transvestism
newlywed lips
cannibalism artificially created man
laboratory flat tire
virgin homosexual
old dark house spoof
outer space wedding
wheelchair mad scientist
homicide nixon resignation
electric carving knife wedding night
hunchback cult film
character name in title

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