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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

During "Hot Patootie", when it shows a close-up of Eddie as he's riding the motorcycle around the lab, he mouths the wrong words on two occasions.
When Riff Raff says "I think you'd better both come inside," his mouth is not moving in one of the shots.
During "Hot Patootie" a Transylvanian says "lovely party" but her lips does not match the words.

Character error 

When Janet and Brad are scuttling off to the side of the stage at the end of Wild and an Untamed Thing, she accidentally stabs his foot with her high heels, causing him to wince and stumble in incredible pain.
During the dinner scene, Brad slams his fist down onto the table, hitting the hand of Janet, who winces in pain and jumps, and then is rubbing her hand just barely out of sight.
After Dr Scott crashes through the wall, you can see him moving his wheels towards the ramp, but as he is being pulled by the "magnet" he doesn't need to do this.
Rocky, Frank's "perfect man," has fillings in his teeth.
When Eddie starts riding his motorcycle up the ramp, a Transylvanian on the left of the screen accidentally knocks the head off the statue prop.


When Janet faints, the hand she raises to her forehead switches from left to right between shots.
The chalk heart that Brad draws on the church door during "Dammit Janet" changes shape between shots.
The red carpet disappears momentarily during Columbia's tap dance.
When Frank is pulling the lever to bring Dr. Scott in for the first time, he begins to raise his leg. When the scene flashes away, then back, he is raising his other leg.
Dr. Scott is being carried away from the castle by Brad and Janet at the end of the movie when Magenta and Riff Raff are just about to transport the castle away. After the explosion of the castle "taking off", Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott can be seen lying strewn across the grounds, Dr. Scott lying on the remains of his wheel chair, which he did not have just moments before.
Janet's shoes are black in the beginning of the movie, then change to white when they get to the laboratory.
One of the wedding guests walks up the right-hand side of the staircase twice prior to the wedding photo being taken.
Brad's shirt gets unbuttoned twice.
When Brad and Janet are being undressed by Riff Raff and Magenta, it appears that Magenta throws Brad's sweater to Columbia twice.
Brad's robe is (not) open.
Throughout the pool scene, Dr. Frankenfurter's tattoo changes repeatedly between shots.
After Frank sings Happy Birthday to Rocky and sits down, Magenta's arm can be seen at the side of the screen. However, in subsequent shots she can be seen still serving dinner.
Riff Raff fills Dr. Scott's mug twice, once in close-up of Rocky, then again in the next wide shot. Riff also serves Brad a slice of meat twice, once in a close-up of Brad and then again in a wide shot.
The position of Frank's cape changes on his throne during "Sweet Transvestite".
Frank's blue eye shadow fixes itself after he smears it during "I'm Going Home".
When you see the statues on the sides of two naked men, the one of the left has no speaker on the side, and next time you see it, the speaker is clearly visible.
Frank's position changes several times throughout "Hot Patootie."
Frank's hair changes in the scene at the dinner when Dr Scott is talking about Eddie.
When Riff Raff is talking to Brad and Janet at the front door, he is tapping the door with his forefinger in frontal shots, but not when the camera is behind him.
During the dinner scene, Magenta pours wine into Dr. Scott's glass twice.
At the end of "Time Warp", Janet pokes her elbow into Brad and says, "Say Something", twice. Once in a wide angle shot, and again, a few moments later, in the close-up.
When performing the floor show, the position of the backdrop and the white curtain changes. On a wide shot, the curtain and the backdrop lettering appears high above the actors. On a narrow shot, the curtain and lettering appear right above their heads.
After Frank kills Eddie, there is a stream of blood on the floor leading to the freezer, but he clearly didn't hit him with the axe until they were both already in the freezer.
In the 'Wedding Chapel' scene the photographer's Flash is first a 1960's style with the disposable 'Flash bulbs'. Seconds later it has turned into a modern 'Electronic Flash'.
In the Time Warp sequence, the Transylvanian in the blue with the tray of food hands the tray off to someone in the birds eye shot, but in his close up he still has the tray.
Janet's cardigan is blue during "Over at the Frankenstein Place", but when she and Brad meet Riff Raff, the cardigan is now white.
During "Time Warp" and as Janet is being undressed, the barrettes in her hair suddenly disappear when they enter Frank's laboratory.
Hors d'ouevres tray during "Time Warp".
Location of dropped purse during "Dammit, Janet".
The doctor's surgical gloves.

Crew or equipment visible 

During the "Time Warp", a crewmember can be seen on the left side of the frame wearing a white shirt.
During the chase scene at the end of "Hot Patootie," a camera is visible.
During "Wild and Untamed Thing" a crew member can be seen walking on the catwalk above the stage.
During the song "I Can Make You a Man", a crew member's hands can be seen pulling a string attached to the pommel horse as Frank pushes it behind the elevator.

Factual errors 

The old South African flag shown during The Time Warp is upside down.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Numerous small continuity errors could be considered as intentional.
The criminologist mentions that the movie takes place in November. However, in the car, Brad and Janet are listening to Richard Nixon's resignation speech, which took place in August. This was added by the filmmakers to show that Brad is a nerd who has an audio tape of the speech.
The ramp that Dr. Scott is pulled up has changed to a staircase by the time of "Planet Shmanet" later in the movie. This could be one of Frank's gadgets.
When Frank rises out of the pool to perform "Wild And Untamed Thing" he is sitting on the shoulders of Rocky, and not a mysterious bald crew member as some thought.

Plot holes 

When Eddie gets off the motorcycle the engine cuts off when his hands are in the air and not able to turn the key.

Revealing mistakes 

Janet lifts her heel when she is supposedly stuck to the floor.
As Eddie is riding his motorcycle around after his song, his black eye changes from his left to his right.
The sax that Eddie plays in "Hot Patootie" has no reed.
Frank-N-Furter's tattoos are partially washed off in the pool scene.
After Eddie has been crudely hacked to death with a pick axe, he has no wounds whatsoever, and is visibly breathing.
The light Columbia uses on Frank-N-Furter during "I'm Going Home" is a fresnel and would not provide the same type of light that a real spotlight does.
When Brad and Janet are standing in the rain outside of Dr. Frank-N-Furter's castle, only the corners of Janet's newspaper are wet.
Wire pulling Doctor Scott up the stairs the second time.
Rocky is climbing up the radio tower and carrying Frank. When the tower falls, Rocky is holding on to the tower with both hands, and Frank's dead body is holding on to Rocky.
After the castle flies away at the end of the movie, the background still shows the castle.
When Brad and Janet are being undressed, Brad's sweater is pulled over his head. The shirt he wearing under it is clearly already completely unbuttoned, to speed the process.

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