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The DVD contains a 'Conceptual Version' which has everything up to "The Time Warp" in black and white, included as an 'Easter Egg'.
The film was originally released in 1975 with mono sound. When the 15th Anniversary stereo film prints and VHS video were released in 1990, the soundtrack album versions of the songs were dubbed into the film, replacing the mono versions. The vocals on all the original mono film songs differ slightly from the stereo album takes, most notably on Rocky's vocals, which were dubbed by actor-singer Trevor White both on the soundtrack and in the film. Between 1990 and 2000, this was the only version available on any home video format in the US.
The version of Science Fiction, Reprise at the end of the British DVD release is a different version from other releases. Presumably re-recorded by Richard O'Brien, if you have a trained ear, the subtle differences are there.
The 2000 two-disc DVD includes the complete "Superheroes" and the original English mono film sound (with Trevor White as Rocky's vocals), a 5.1 Surround mix enhanced from the mono sound, a commentary track by Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn, and an "audience participation" track as sound options. The two-disc set also includes: a 1995 36-minute documentary; VH1 interviews with O'Brien, Quinn, Meat Loaf, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick; deleted "Once in a While" song; outtakes; TV and theatrical trailers; alternate endings and more (the DVD single disc was released in 2002 without the extras).
15th Anniversary VHS release from 1990 includes documentary footage of Rocky Horror fans before the film, plus more footage of Rocky Horror audiences dancing to 'The Time Warp' after the film.
In the version shown on VH1, Rocky Horror's real voice is heard during "Rose Tint My World", the nude statues and Columbia's breasts were blurred, and a line in "Wise Up, Janet Weiss" where Frank-N-Further says "mind-f**k" is deleted.
All VHS versions have a recording of "The Time Warp Part 3" instrumental that is different from the theatrical and DVD version of the song during the end credits. In the normal version the song ends with the sound of a tape slowing down. In the VHS version the song ends with a saxophone flourish. This was presumably done so that VHS consumers would not think that something was wrong with their tapes.
Japanese laser disc version features the Mono soundtrack and Eddie's death is completely cut out to make it look as if he got knocked out.
USA theatrical version includes: Opening credit- A LOU ADLER-MICHAEL WHITE PRODUCTION; edited "Superheroes" song without Brad and Janet's verses (Criminologist's final verse is left in); picture credits showing cast with edited vocal "Time Warp" on audio. (The ending was re-edited to make the film more "upbeat.")
UK theatrical version includes: Opening credit- A MICHAEL WHITE-LOU ADLER PRODUCTION; complete "Superheroes" song; short end credits without cast pictures and "Science Fiction-Double Feature: Reprise" followed by an instrumental of "Time Warp" (which was traditionally played during cast bows in the play.) Prior to 1990, this was the version available on home video outside of the US.

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