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Middlingcrime drama from Naschy and Klimovsky
johnbernhard1 February 2010
Paul Naschy was directed by Leon Klimovsky 8 times between 1970 and 1976, MUERTE DE UN QUINQUI ( DEATH OF A HOODLUM ) was their 6th collaboration. This is a rare one in that there are no supernatural or horror elements on display. Naschy wrote the screenplay which details the exploits of the main character, a full blown psychopath with a serious mother fixation, who also happens to be deaf and relies on a hearing aid. It's an interesting attempt at a unique character but ultimately it falls short. Yes, you guessed it, something bad happened to mama that Naschy never quite got over. The film opens with a jewel heist gone wrong, resulting in several deaths. Naschy is left with the loot and he takes off with the the cash before the gang is supposed to meet back up. Gang leader Frank Brana sets out to track down the man and the jewels with the help of his gang. Naschy meanwhile looks up an old flame and finds an unlikely place to hide out.

This is where the film faltered for me. Naschy hides out at the remote estate of a former athlete ( now crippled ) and his wife ( Mabel Escano ) and daughter ( Julia Saly ). The rest of the film is by the numbers, Naschy beds the women, brutally raping Saly and taking her virginity, and of course she in turn falls directly in love. The gang shows up and there is a big shootout, and some last minute domestic violence erupts bringing events to a close.

Overall, Klimovsky brings little to the table and the story is predictable. Naschy's character has a few startling outbursts of violence, but once his character goes to the estate, he becomes overly subdued and things start to drag. It's not terribly convincing that this crazed killer could pass as a house servant, and the whole family and the estate setting are dire clichés.

The print viewed was a OK looking full screen Spanish VHS dub with English fansubs.
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