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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman strips nude, massages her breasts, and rubs her genitals for a photographer. It is implied they are interrupted before she can orgasm. She then strolls around nude and teases a young man. She gets dressed in a miniskirt and walks out with no underwear. The photographer spreads her legs for the young man but only her legs are seen.
  • A woman walks down stairs nude, her breasts and pubic hair are visible for a couple of minutes. She kisses a man.
  • Women walk around a graveyard in silk see through dresses. Their buttocks are visible and later they show their breasts and pubic hair.
  • A woman topless laying in water.
  • The silk dressed women are in several later scenes. In one of the last, the wind is blowing and blows their clothes so that they aren't obscuring their nudity. They force another woman up a hill who is chained to a pole and fully nude.
  • Another scene where the silk doesn't obscure.
  • A man and woman stand nude on a beach, her breasts are briefly visible while they kiss. A fully nude woman looks down on them from a hill. When they walk down the beach her breasts and pubic hair are clearly visible, and his uncircumcised penis is seen.

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