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Very good Sarno Film
SilentOne9225 June 2006
Laura's Toys is a well acted erotic film directed by Joe Sarno. The film stars Rebecca Brooke as Laura. Laura is married to Walter(played by adult film star Eric Edwards) who is an archaeologist. She is with him and his assistant Anna (played by Cathja Graff) while they are on a dig. Laura catches Anna and Walter sleeping together and plots revenge. Laura runs into old school friends with whom she shared many erotic adventures in school and uses these past relationships to seduce Anna. This film is similar to many Sarno films in that it is well acted, very erotic and well shot. Rebecca Brooke is an attractive woman who does well in this adult soap opera. I recommend this film to fans of 70's soft core erotica. Good film
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Another smart and sexy soft-core winner from the always reliable Joe Sarno
Woodyanders9 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Studious archaeologist Walter (charming, handsome veteran adult film star Eric Edwards) and his frustrated, sexually uninhibited wife Laura (strikingly gorgeous blonde knockout Rebecca Brooke) are spending a working vacation on a small island located right off the mainland from Swedan. Walter has a steamy extramarital affair with equally dedicated and adoring assistant Anna (delectable slender brunette Katja Von Graff). Meanwhile Laura rekindles the flame with old high school gal pal and former lesbian lover Hanni (comely, shapely blonde Anita Eriksson). Complications arise when Laura and Hanni join forces with the specific plan of seducing the heretofore staid and naive Anna.

Joe Sarno's typically intelligent script and easy, observant direction relates the absorbingly intricate triangle drama story with his usual consummate expertise, drawing the viewer in with a sweltering and extremely charged sensual atmosphere that's both enticing and enthralling in comparable measure. Jack Justis' catchy, groovy, sensuous score, Steve Silverman's pretty, polished cinematography, and the uniformly excellent performances from an appealing and attractive cast (Brooke really shines as both an exceptional actress and exquisite beauty) further enhance the overall sterling quality of this fine film. Moreover, the copious sex scenes are truly sizzling hot stuff: sweaty, vigorous and highly arousing, but never too graphic or sleazy. Essential viewing for soft-core fans in general and Joe Sarno aficionados in particular.
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What goes around comes around (again)
melvelvit-114 February 2015
Although quite a few of them were put to good use, LAURA'S TOYS aren't sexual aids, they're the people in her life. Laura (Rebecca Brooke) titillates her archaeologist husband Walter (hardcore porn king Eric Edwards again) with lascivious stories of her & her best friend Hanni's Swiss boarding school sexcapades as foreplay for the couple's active sex life together. However, that doesn't stop Walter from schtupping his attractive assistant Anna (it's a Joe Sarno movie, after all) when they're all at a dig for runes on a remote Swedish island. Meanwhile, Hanni and the boarding school "sewing circle" ditch their husbands once a year for sapphic getaways and they decide to track down Laura who plans to get even with her husband by throwing Anna to the lesbians...

Once again, in writer/director Joe Sarno's universe, all sex is fulfilling but, surprisingly, it isn't the only thing in life this time around and I would have liked to hear a little more about the Viking artifacts they found (outside of the stone phalluses high priestesses used, the subject's not explored). There may be other things in life but rest assured, sex is still a major priority and since everyone's having it, there's a happy ending that's an obvious advertisement for polygamy. There's a dreamy elegance about this high-gloss softcore "male fantasy" that shamelessly explores two of the directors pet fetishes: girl-on- girl sex and the notion that the past sexual entanglements of our youth exert a powerful pull on the rest of our lives. It looks to be something Joe's scared of because after Laura seduces Anna herself and Hanni beds both Walter and Anna, Laura gives a cock-blocking speech about how she's not gonna be Peter Pan anymore and gives Hanni the boot before she, Walter, and Anna link arms and decide to go off on another archaeological dig, this time to Peru.

That's not the only thing to suddenly go off the rails; Laura befriends Anna by not only telling her boarding school sexcapades, she reveals her jet-setting mother stole all of her boyfriends and in her later rejection of Hanni, Laura tells her childhood friend that the reason they drifted into a sexual relationship back in the day is because their mothers didn't love them, leaving them at school over summer vacation to fend for themselves. Oh, my. This time, the ravishing Rebecca Brooke's the titular puppeteer and just like in ABIGAIL LESLEY'S BACK IN TOWN, she's sure got her share of problems -all sexual in nature, of course. I've only seen two of her films but Brooke already looks to be the Susan Hayward of soft core porn.
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