The Killer Elite (1975) Poster

Plot Keywords

cia revenge
partner security
ninja shot in arm
chinese restaurant witness protection
shot in knee removing stitches
eating with chopsticks shot in the head
limp scoped rifle
chinatown stethoscope
impersonating a police officer airport
.45 automatic psychopath
topless female nudity skeet shooting
ronin chinese american
armored car father daughter relationship
sailboat striptease
golden gate bridge flashback
security camera vengeance
bedpan sword fighting
manipulation loading a gun
uzi ketch
taxi car bomb
motorcycle cop police chase
garbage truck face slap
body search boeing 737
exotic dancer strip club
woman wearing a g string body on a luggage carousel
assassination attempt sniper
jogging martial arts training
slipping and falling counting in mandarin chinese
tai chi walking with a cane
walking with crutches physical therapy
removing a cast stitches
disability pay limb in traction
leg cast arm cast
shot multiple times emergency surgery
cadillac ambulance shot by partner
electric shaver male in shower
bare chested male sexually transmitted disease
push ups bare breasts
building explosion time bomb
film starts with text gun
gun battle gun fu
martial arts fistfight
gunfight bloodshed
sword duel gun duel
bullet ballet bullet time
blood blood splatter
brutality racial slur
gay slur henchman
protection crippled man
disabled male betrayal
cia operative triple cross
political extremism ship
violence car chase
chase street life
shootout politician
asian american hired gun
hitman wound
nurse death
murder machismo
male camaraderie san francisco california
morality double cross
stalker mercenary
slow motion scene nudity
reference to elizabeth barrett browning katana sword
female nudity assassination
shot in the knee secret organization
based on novel

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