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Too bad it's so obscure...
Jojosh the Pi24 August 2000
...otherwise, it would get enough votes to take its proper place in the bottom #100 list. Hootch County Boys is the ONLY movie I have not been able to finish because of its badness. Boring, illogical, and horrendous sound. You can see the microphone in Lester Boggs' first scene (which is an hour or so of incomprehensible monologue).

I cannot bring myself to watch past the first 25 minutes. In the opening motorcycle chase, the "bad-ass biker gang" members fall off their bikes for no reason. And there's some lame joke about a tree. And Lester Boggs flies a bi-plane. Then talks. And talks. And talks. And talks. Or something. Unwatchable nonsense.
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Good, silly 70's drive-in redneck movie fun
Woodyanders12 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This boisterous all killer goodies with no needless filler trimmings downhome 70's drive-in actionfest delivers lots of straight-up unpretentious fun. Laid-back hippie city slicker white boy Scott McKenzie and funky smartaleck soul bro country hipster pal Willie Jones got that ingratiatingly mellow chemistry thing going on as a couple of lowdown easy good-time drifter dudes who run afoul of a vicious gang of greasy'n'grungy hairball bikers and befriend boozy, boastful, moonshine-running airplane pilot Lester Boggs (riplely played to the succulent hammy hilt by late, great, unsung character actor Robert Ridgely; Colonel James in "Boogie Nights"). Moreover, the affable duo are treated with grossly intolerant hostility by shotgun-hefting local yokels, play high stakes craps and poker games in seedy back alley dives, and find employment as rodeo clowns. McKenzie falls in love with pretty blonde honey Susan Denbo. The pair also try to avoid being busted by hick Sheriff Billy Bob (an amiably dunderheaded Alex Karras) and basically wind up getting into all kinds of trouble when they stop off in the uptight ultra-conservative hillbilly hamlet of Mountain Glen.

Directed with topmost efficiency and expediency by Harry Z. Thomason (who also co-wrote the slight, but colorful script), this lively and enjoyable romp covers all the necessary B-movie bases: a swift, unflagging pace, enthusiastic acting from a conspicuously pumped cast, neat cinematography by James W. Roberson and Mike Varner (the use of fade-outs and slow motion in particular is pretty tasty), a wild, bottle-breaking, fists and bodies flying everywhere honkytonk bar rumble set to stirring bluegrass music, a groovy, woozy, bluesy score by prolific trash film composer Jamie ("The Brotherhood of Satan") Mendoza-Naza, a right on the money message about doing your own thing with your life, a suitably lowbrow sense of dopey, anything-for-a-laugh hayseed humor, a funny jailbreak, and, naturally, your standard abrupt-and-senseless last reel car chase. What's not to like about this satisfyingly playful and eventful little hoot?
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I have seen it all the way through!
dipsogen21 January 2001
It seems like I am one of the few people to actually finish the movie! Yes, I am from THE redneck county. I recognize many of the places in the film. My friends and I almost killed it when the incessant talking began, but we were well-rewarded. Yes, the funniest thing in all movie history happened. We saw not only the boom mike but the BOOM-MAN complete with boom mike. Wonderful stuff. Worst movie ever. And I make it a point to see bad movies...
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I paid 2 bucks for this movie...and got ripped off
Kevin Smith21 April 2000
Hootch County Boys starts out promising enough...that is, promising in a bad-movie kind of way. The cross-country biker gang chase is fun and cheezy enough to actually bear watching a couple times. However, the movie 'boggs' down into garbage with the entry of the loathsome Lester Boggs, whose dialogue makes little to no sense whatsoever. And he simply will not stop talking. I still haven't had the intestinal fortitude to completely sit through this movie, I confess. It just makes me too sad.
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Revel in the "B" Movie Magic
perceptor_694 January 2010
From the start I couldn't help but see the words "Go West, Young Man." in my mind. This movie is probably the hardest you will ever have a problem with watching all the way through. So even if you are the avid B-movie fan, when you finally do get to the end you will be glad you did. It is worth it to see all the nonsense that ensues in this film. Lots of bad editing and corny music makes it completely nostalgic and captures the movies of it's type from that time. The acting and plot kind of drag at times. But there are some scenes where you are like "Whoah, I'm glad I got to see that!" Once again, another classic B movie. I'm glad I already own this much sought after collectible in all it's absurdity!! Please remake this film. That would be great to see. Thanks for reading my Review!!
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hotwheelsking12 September 2004
I can't believe that other reviewer hated this movie I love it.It so cool and was a surprisingly big hit in the south.Although extremely rare today this is one movie worth finding.It basically a man goes off to find himself meets a new friend along the way then a cute girl and then he gets saved by Lester Boggs in his areoplane.Lester is the happy drunk of the town and his brother T.T.Boggs is the mayor.The rest of the movie is lester and his new friends annoying the town and T.T..Getting arrested and along the way there are some great chases and 2 huge crashes one in a truck and the other in a plane.If you don't like b'movies don't bother with this one but this is one great cult classic sour mash good time flick
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poor excuse for a movie
KDWms14 November 2003
There are a few wrecks here, not the least of which is this film in general. Malcolm's purposeless crotch-rocket tour stops near Mountain Glen, AR, after rescuing LeRoy and meeting trick-flier Lester and his bi-plane. Next, Malcolm gets smitten with Susan. Much of the action includes stuff which just wouldn't happen: hell, the most accident-prone of all blue-hairs drives better than this. The acting ain't all that great, either. Add to that, lousy sound and shallow plot, and there's little positive to hang your hat on. So be forewarned: sparse results should dictate sparse investment.
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Unwatchable vermin.
alwhicke18 November 1999
This can't be considered one of the worst movies of all time, because that would be a compliment. I typically enjoy these stupid, trashy, redneck movies, but I couldn't even muster up the courage to finish watching this mess. Without doubt, this is the worst pile of garbage I have ever seen.
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