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A masterful piece of work!
solan_gundersen28 November 2001
This movie made quite an inpact on anyone who saw it in the 70's. A masterpiece. Pioneer work, first rate stop motion animation. The director and producer Ivo Caprino, invented a whole new 'multi camera system', and the brilliant result is this classic movie. To this date 5 million(!) tickets sold at the boxoffice in Norway alone! Thats more then there are people in Norway. The fact that this movie surely inspired the Podrace (filmed 25 years later) in Starwars Episode I, should be proof enough for anyone that this is a movie ahead of its time. More info at www.flaklypa.com
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The best impression of my childhood!
stanislav6719 February 2001
I saw this movie in Russia, Moscow in 75-76 when I was 8 years old. It was showing in a specialized cinema for children "Orlenok". The movie was on screen for about a week and I went to it every day - i.e. 7 times or so.

You DON'T have to be Norwegian to understand subtleties of this movie (maybe you just need to be a kid, even though grown up :)

This piece was superbly translated into Russian and I remember some of them till now. I can't say how much I love this movie. It was such a pity that I couldn't see it for so many years. I was in Norway once, but it was in spring and I missed your X-mas show :)

Can you picture my excitement, when I suddenly found Flåklypa Grand Prix on IMDB.com? I feel like if I found a childhood friend that I lost long ago.
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I cannot describe how well done this movie is...
Ghydda19 April 2001
...however let's try.

I'm not gonna sketch the plot, couz' plenty other people have done it, but:

The humor is outstanding, the action is tense, and one can not help getting sucked into this world filled with nutcases, daydreamers, villains, plain goofy looking types, and hopelessly stupid inventions and the characters likewise way of thinking.

The music score is absolutely perfect, the dialog is sharp and fun, the scenes are extremely well done. It simply doesn't get any better than this.

Just my two cents
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The best norwegian animation of all times!
Nution11 March 2000
The number one cult movie in Norway still attracts full houses with its naive and wonderful tale of the bicycle-repairman Reodor Felgen and his two trusted companions; the porqupine Ludvig and the bird Solan Gundersen. Authentic characterisation of norwegians and their uniqueness in the Scandinavian picture. For full appreciation add either kids, norwegians or alcohol for maximum viewing pleasure. This is the norwegian answer to The Rocky Horror Show, with no similarities what so ever beyond the cult status and the average norwegians need to apply commentary and reciting of the script...
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A must see for all generations
kdskicat29 September 2004
I just bought this and watched it again for the first time in 10 years, such great memories, it is truly a timeless piece of art by Caprino. The humor hits all levels for all generations, every detail has been considered in its making. I heard when it came out on DVD in Norway it shattered a lot of DVD records, anyone know when/if it is going to be released in US? my bootleg DVD copy I bought on ebay is nice, but would love a version that had some history on the film.

I'll never forget how my father would get my brother and I so riled up by insisting this was the time that Gore Slimy was going to win. Everyone who likes to cheer for an underdog should find a way to watch this film
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Quite Simply, An Outstanding Film
sam_11717 November 2005
Flåklypa Grand Prix is the biggest selling and most watched film of all time in its homeland of Norway. In fact, its ticket sales in Norway is greater than the population of Norway: which should tell you a lot. It is a cultural phenomenon in Norway that is just as popular 30 years after its arrival, which was proved by the video game based on the film that became the biggest selling video game of all time in Norway: 25 years after the films debut. OK, enough "Hype and Wonderment", lets talk about the movie.

Set in rural Norway in the mid 20th century, it tells the tale of a bicycle mechanic and his friends who wind up entering a car race with a homemade automobile. It is a story of wonder, adventure, charm, "getting by against the odds" and most of all friendship. It is a family film, enjoyed equally by teens, young-lings and adults alike. The humor is accessible to all ages and types of people, and the emotions that emanate from the screen are always moving the story forward and deepening your involvement about the characters and their environment. It is quite simply, an outstanding film, that should not be missed.

To balance my obvious admiration for this piece of work, I will now look on the flip side of this shining coin. Firstly, the film does stereotype slightly, and does so from a 1970 point of view. This makes some characters and jokes seem outdated and "inappropriate" nowadays. However, this is a minor flaw from which most all films of age suffer. The second and final "critisism" is this question: why was a (proper) sequel never made???

This film has had influence on Hollywood without the major public knowing about it. From Back to the Future to Star Wars Episode I, which pod racing scene is almost an exact copy from Flåklypa Grand Prix. If you are an avid film enthusiast and want to have light bulbs appear over your head in regards to finding our where things came from in some major Hollywood productions, then you should watch this film.

What more can I say but go and see it :)
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A perfect movie!
backstr30 January 2002
Flåklypa Grand Prix is a wonderful piece of art. This movie is, to put it in simple words, perfect. I saw the first time as a kid, and I can still watch it over and over again without any loss in pleasure. It is a children's movie, in a way, but I'm over 30 and I still love it. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, with the mountains of Flåklypa and everything. The puppets are amazingly alive in spite of the relatively small number of moving parts. The technological marvels of Reodor Felgen, including but by far not limited to the monstrous car Il Tempo Gigante, evidence a very skilled craftmanship and an eye for details. The car competition towards the end really feels in your own stomach, too. The story line is quite simple and not really original, but that's the way it should be in a children's movie (even for kids above 30).

Flåklypa Grand Prix is my absolute favorite of all movies ever made in the whole world!
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Pinchcliff Grand Prix
jcondon20 June 2000
I always knew this film as Pinchcliff Grand Prix in the United States. I loved this movie as a five-year-old child in 1977 but now it is impossible to find anywhere. I have been looking for years and have had no success. Can anyone out there help me get a copy? This movie was very ahead of its time and in my opinion could compete with some of the latest high tech computer animation movies out today. NOTHING has even come close to what Pinchcliff Grand Prix did for me. It even inspired me as a young child to become addicted to fast cars as an adult!
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This is a classic in Denmark!
Lysgaard30 October 2000
This is an animation classic in Denmark! Unfortunately, it has been a while since it was shown in national television, but everybody my age (22) know it and love it. Just whistle the first few notes of the tune and people above twenty whistle along.

This is a must see in Scandinavia. In Denmark a radioshow ran a campaign a couple of years ago so this movie could be shown in national tv.
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Excellent restored edition available (pal)
henrika13 April 2004
This excellent movie is now available in crisp colors and with restored sound. Being made i 1975, the stop motion animation is surprisingly good, and the story still hold to the ones we have been served in more recent animation flicks. It also contains a behind the scenes documentary.

The car in the movie (Il Tempo Gigante) was made in full scale (actually a guy from the Ferrari factory in Italy helped out on the bodywork), and can be seen on display and driving at "Hunderfossen" park in Norway.

I remember seeing it when it was first released, but seeing it again as an adult revealed lots of details:

1: Look at the eyes of the moose when the main caracters are watching tv.

2: The car registration HB 4596 as anounsed on the loudspeaker before the race refers to bootlegging booze: HB - Home Brewed, 45 (as in 45% proof, available in norwegian stores) - and 96 (as in 96 proof, what all bootleggers aim for)

3: And the game of chess played in the tent of "Ben- Redik - Fy Fasan" (actually a euphemism for "fy faen" - norwegian swearing meaning "the Devil") is a spanish play which you'll find in many books on chess.

and the list goes on
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