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Alternate Versions

UK video versions were cut by 5 secs to remove a shot of Earl's disfigured penis during his attempted rape of Taffy. The cuts were waived for the 2007 EIV DVD release.
A scene in which Dawn runs through the woods from the police is missing from the 35mm prints.
Censored prints are in circulation; the Maryland Censor Board logo can be seen over an oral sex scene with Dawn and Gator
The European cut of the film, which has actually circulated in the United States at Midnight film festivals, features a slightly different cut of the film with different scenes, including:
  • more interaction between the hairdressers in the Lipstick Beauty salon.
  • a scene where Dawn has a discussion with Vicki (the receptionist) about her failing marriage with Gator
  • an extended scene where Dawn gives Taffy the address of her father, Earl Peterson
  • extra footage of Earl making a sandwich with the knife that Taffy later uses to kill him
  • an extended version of the scene where Taffy arrives to set Aunt Ida free from the bird cage, after which Ida invites Taffy to move in with her and become a lesbian. Additionally, a lot of the footage of Dawn in the jail cell has been cut, as is the scene where she is chased through the woods of Maryland by the police. Finally, there is an actual credit sequence after Dawn's electrocution, which features an eerie reprisal of the theme song sung by Divine.
The initial 16mm release of the film which was shown at colleges ran 92 minutes. However, when the film was blown up to 35mm and shown theatrically, it was cut to 89 minutes. This version was the only version seen for many years. However, a recent restoration was done of the original cut, which ran 97 minutes (it played at this length in Europe, however, since its initial release). The 97 minute version was shown in only selected theatres and is included on the DVD set, paired with PINK FLAMINGOS. This version also has a soundtrack remixed in stereo surround. The 97 minute version contains some additional scenes, including the chase through the woods, as well as an appearance by Sally Albaugh (aka Sally Turner) as Sally, a customer in the Lipstick Beauty Salon. Albaugh served also as Divine's double in the junkyard love-making scene between Dawn Davenport and Earl Peterson.

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