The Eiger Sanction (1975) Poster

Plot Keywords

mountain climbing
professor assassin
mountain climbing art
mountain climber murder
professional assassin death
assassination flask
femme fatale topless female nudity
restaurant cover up
swimming pool interracial sex
premarital sex hand to hand combat
lie fight
fist fight beating
warrior anti hero
reluctant hero airplane
betrayal deception
conspiracy cold war
photograph ex nazi
disguise climbing up a wall
blood transfusion training
car accident korean war veteran
revenge bodyguard
rifle coming out of retirement
wisecrack humor grand canyon
germany italy
secret agent mountaineering
mountaineer mountain climbing gear
sliding down a mountain mountain in title
falling down a mountain dead body
band aid chocolate
stepping on someone's hand blown cover
german man shotgun
campy yorkshire terrier
shot in a car shooting from a car
.38 snubnose revolver small dog
dog dog humping
male hits a female man hits a woman
bare chested male injection
pickup truck threaten to kill
kicked in the stomach awakened by phone
handshake reference to george armstrong custer
reference to marlon brando giving the finger
thumbs up gesture daquiri
wild turkey bourbon punched in the face
reference to the nazis microfilm
three word title wishing someone good luck
reference to paris france reference to el greco
reference to camille pissarro reference to pablo picasso
reference to henri matisse male taxi driver
yellow cab sharing a taxi
flick knife red light
kicked out a window climbing a drain pipe
telling someone to shut up feet on desk
slap on the butt art teacher
tough guy brunette
tough girl vigilante justice
justice ambush
avalanche action hero
hero shootout
jeep disarming someone
martial arts boxing
karate one man army
beretta vigilante
pump action shotgun semiautomatic pistol
brawl fistfight
revolver pistol
kissing while having sex interracial kiss
knife seduction
bare butt female nudity
male nudity bare breasts
falling to death eiger mountain
wide angle lens telescope
taxi switzerland
switchblade stewardess
southwestern u.s. throat slitting
sex by a fireplace pet dog
native american limp
jazz music ice pack
hotel helicopter shot
glacier german
germ warfare frostbite
frenchman falling out a window
espionage echo
double cross covert agency
car chase bodybuilder
beer austrian
alps airport
african american cult film
truck rope
cave directed by star
rivalry college professor
spy snow
desert hitman
europe interracial relationship
painting sex
albino based on novel
title spoken by character surprise ending
plot twist

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