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1 Apr. 1975
The Boy
After only a year of marriage, Queen Victoria has not only given birth to a daughter but learns that she is again pregnant. The Queen takes her role seriously and is fully engaged in matters of State. She has an outstanding relationship with the Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne and is concerned that her confinement will limit her abilities to rule. For her husband, Prince Albert, his limited role in the household causes friction in the marriage. He has no say in the hiring of the household staff or the way his child is cared for. More importantly he yearns for a role as...
8 Apr. 1975
An Experiment in Education
The young Prince Albert, called Bertie by members of the family, is not having a particularly happy childhood. The elder Prince Albert has very definite views about his son's education including the need for non-stop work, both in the classroom and out, and very strict discipline. Bertie rebels but the only solution seems to be ever more discipline. He's clearly a disappointment to his father who had hoped his son would be a new kind of leader, a scholar who knows and understands the world but that is clearly not to be, at least not to his satisfaction. He soon ...
15 Apr. 1975
The New World
After a successful tour of America, young Prince Bertie returns home to find that his parents do not see it as a personal success rather one that can be attributed to the monarchy in general. His father tells him he is to go to Oxford to continue his studies but will be under the care of a governor and will not be allowed to mix with other students. Bertie really wants to join the army but his father refuses eventually deciding in his favor. He is made a Lieutenant Colonel in the Grenadier Guards and sent to Ireland to undergo his training. There he sees a few ...
22 Apr. 1975
Prince Bertie continues his military training but he's taken to deceiving his superiors and sneaking off with his friends to the music halls. His parents continue their search to find Bertie a suitable wife. Their preference is for a German bride but eventually settle on Princess Alexandra of Denmark, known to her friends as Alix. A brief meeting is arranged for the two to meet but no final decision is made. Relations with his father deteriorate even further when the Prince Consort receives a confidential letter from a friend telling of Bertie's dalliance with a music...
29 Apr. 1975
A Hundred Thousand Welcomes
1862-1864: With Queen Victoria in mourning, the Cabinet is concerned that her withdrawal from public duties will have a negative impact on her people. As a result, Bertie assumes many of the public duties of the monarch. He proves to be quite popular and works hard at maintaining the positive face of the monarchy. It's not quite was Bertie has in mind but the Queen refuses any role for him in matters of State. She sees him as an utter failure and refuses to let him participate in any decision-making. The Queen also decides that there is no need to wait the full year ...
6 May 1975
The Invisible Queen
1866-1871: Bertie's family continues to grow but Princess Alix is not strong and suffers from general ill health. Politics continues to cause a rift in the family with Princess Alix refusing to see or have anything to do with Bertie's German relations after the forced annexation of parts of Denmark. It all comes to a head when the King of Prussia asks to call on her. Queen Victoria continues to refuse all public engagements and there is a rise in Republicanism. Bertie finds himself in court as a witness in a divorce case involving a lady with whom he had a dalliance. ...
13 May 1975
Dearest Prince
1874-1878: The Queen continues to refuse all attempts at giving her eldest son any responsibility in matters of State. After a very successful visit to Coventry, the new Prime Minister, Mr. Disraeli, looks for something appropriate for the Prince to do. Bertie suggests that he go on an official State visit to India. To Bertie's surprise and delight, she agrees. It causes major difficulties at home when he informs Alix that she will not be accompanying him. It had always been her dream to visit India and is heartbroken at being left behind. The trip to India goes well ...
20 May 1975
The Royal Quadrille
1882-1888: Bertie visits Denmark along with the Russian Czar and the King of Greece. He also visits his sister Vicky and her husband Fritz, the Crown Prince of Prussia. Vicky is concerned about her son William whom she knows will some day be Emperor and has fallen under the spell of Bismark, who they dislike with a passion. When the British intervene to put down a mutiny in the Egyptian army, Bertie very much wants to join his Regiment but the Queen won't hear of it. Bertie continues his liaison with Lillie Langtry. Prime Minister Gladstone asks the Prince to serve on...
27 May 1975
1890-1893: Bertie faces scandal on several fronts. He agrees to assist Lady Brooke to retrieve a letter she wrote to her one-time lover, Lord Charles Beresford. She is now terrified that Lady Beresford will take some action against her. Bertie somewhat ham-handedly calls on Lady Beresford's lawyer and practically orders him to destroy it. The lawyer refuses but does agree to ask his client to. He then calls on Lady Beresford with the same request. When Charles Beresford hears of the Prince's action, he hits the roof and Bertie soon faces demands for an apology with ...
3 Jun. 1975
The Years of Waiting
1896-1901: Britain finds itself at war in South Africa when British colonists attack the Boer government. But Queen Victoria still refuses to let Bertie have any role in matters of State, so he spends his time going to the races and as is so often the case, plays host to visiting dignitaries, this time the Czar and Czarina of Russia. The Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. Bertie is the object of an assassination attempt in Brussels. Now quite old, Queen Victoria dies and Bertie becomes King Edward the VII.
10 Jun. 1975
King at Last
1901-1902: After a nearly 60 year wait, Bertie becomes King upon the death of his mother Queen Victoria. There is much speculation as to whether he is up to the job. The King's nephew, the German Kaiser, proposes an Anglo-German alliance and the King supports it but several of his Ministers simply do not take him seriously. Although now Queen, Alix is having some trouble adjusting to their new life, refusing to live at Buckingham Palace and reluctant to leave Marlborough House, the home designated for the Prince of Wales, their son George. The King's sister, Vicky - ...
17 Jun. 1975
The Peacemaker
The King grows increasingly frustrated with his limited role as a constitutional monarch. His attempt at engineering a grand alliance with Germany is successful at one level but ultimately rejected by the Government who still see his His Majesty as someone not to be taken seriously. Still searching for some way to make an impact, the King announces he will soon go on a Grand Tour of several European nations including Britain's historical enemy, France. His arrival in France is marked by boos and catcalls, but he soon charms them and leaves to great cheers. His nephew ...
1 Jul. 1975
Good Old Teddy!
The King enters his final years in general ill health. He smokes too much and has put on too much weight. Britain concludes the triple alliance, concluding a pact with France and Russia but are aware that the German Kaiser, the King's nephew, will inevitably see it as an affront to Germany. Willie still visits his uncle and appears sincere in his love of family and of England. His on-going re-armament of the German army and navy is clearly seen as a threat against the United Kingdom. As a counter-balance the King and Queen set off on a trip to Russia to visit his ...

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