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Death Race 2000 More at IMDbPro »

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Not at all what I was expecting

Author: Fluke_Skywalker from United States
6 August 2014

For decades 'Death Race 2000' has existed as an abstract image in my mind. A dark, violent piece of dystopian 70s sci-fi that was perhaps best left unseen. Imagine my surprise when the sadistic bug-a-boo turned out to be a humorous romp.

Though 'Death Race 2000' is filled with brutal, sadistic acts, it's all done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. This isn't the sort of self serious dystopian sci-fi of 'THX-1138' or 'Soylent Green'. Is there commentary here? Yeah, sort of. But it chooses to tickle with it rather than bludgeon.

Filled with beautiful women, non-stop action and wonderful scene chewing performances, 'Death Race 2000' is a fun little romp. Never thought I'd be saying that.

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The Vidiot Reviews...

Author: capone666 from Canada
1 August 2014

Death Race 2000

The one thing to look forward to in a dystopian society is the live broadcast of the annual human blood sport.

Thankfully, this post-apocalyptic action movie has full coverage.

In the year 2000, a band of rebels plot to usurp the omnipotent Mr. President (Sandy McCallum) by sabotaging a state sanctioned death race across country in which racers garner points by running over pedestrians

While their efforts work on lesser racers like Machine-Gun Joe (Sylvester Stallone), Nero the Hero (Martin Kove) and Matilda the Hun (Roberta Collins), it fails when it comes to the mysterious wheelman Frankenstein (David Carradine).

Produced by B-Movie schlockmeister Roger Corman, this 1975 adaptation of an obscure fantasy novel was and is still ahead of its time in terms of apocalyptic parables - but not so much in the over-the-top acting or trashy special effects.

Incidentally, if a points system were instated, hit-and-run drivers would come forward.

Yellow Light

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One of my top cult films of all time.

Author: Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden) from Canada
16 June 2014

"Death Race 2000" is adrenaline-charged fun, a fast paced, funny, satirical, and bloody sci-fi action picture loaded with political commentary and a cast of B movie icons to die for. Produced by the legendary Roger Corman and directed with gusto by the late Paul Bartel ("Eating Raoul"), it has a wicked sense of humour and also benefits from a bunch of colourful characters and their equally colourful cars. It hits the ground running and rarely lets up, with a particularly delicious wrap-up.

It's the future (at least, the future as it was envisioned in 1975), and a no holds barred, brutal cross county car race known as the Transcontinental Road Race is the national sport. The points are scored by running down pedestrians. This sport is used by a totalitarian government to keep its violence-hungry population satisfied. The star of the race is the peoples' champion, Frankenstein (David Carradine), who has had various body parts replaced over the years. His chief rival is the foul tempered Machine Gun Joe Viterbo (a hilarious, scene stealing Sylvester Stallone). Competing against them are Calamity Jane (Mary Woronov), Matilda the Hun (Roberta Collins), and Nero the Hero (Martin Kove). Seeking to put an end to the race are a group of rebels known as The Resistance.

Carradine is lots of fun as the cynical Frankenstein, although Stallone is the one who really walks off with the movie. Simone Griffeth is lovely as Frankensteins' new navigator, Annie; she, Woronov, Collins, and the always cute Louisa Moritz all make for fine eye candy. Adding to the entertainment value are other familiar faces such as Don Steele (a riot as annoying announcer Junior Bruce), Joyce Jameson, Fred Grandy, and Leslie McRay. (Look for John Landis in a bit part as a mechanic.) Director Bartel has an uncredited cameo as a doctor.

"Death Race 2000" is full of high speed action, explosions, and a genuinely interesting script by Robert Thom and Charles B. Griffith, based on the story "The Racer" by Ib Melchior. It does make us consider our own appetites for destruction while sating them at the same time. It may strike viewers as being dated in some ways, but it has an undeniable campy and cheesy charm going for it, making it hard to resist, and entertaining to revisit on a regular basis.

Nine out of 10.

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Classic drive-in B-movie fun.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
27 April 2014

In a dystopian near-future, The United Provinces (as America is now known) is ruled by a despotic president who has developed a bloodthirsty 'opiate for the masses': Death Race, a televised transcontinental car race in which the drivers collect points by killing pedestrians. As the five cold-blooded contestants battle it out on the open roads between New York and New Los Angeles, a group of political activists attempt to bring an end to the event by any means necessary.

Don't be put off by the crappy opening title graphics that look like they've been rendered in colouring crayon by a ten year old: produced by movie legend Roger Corman and directed by Paul 'Eating Raoul' Bartel, Death Race 2000 is a thoroughly entertaining cult classic that no fan of drive-in/exploitation cinema should pass on. A masterclass in how to make the absolute most of a minimal budget, this fast-paced film packs a surprising amount into its tight 80 minute runtime: outrageous graphic violence, imaginative design (the customised vehicles and crazy characters looking like something out of a seriously warped Wacky Racers cartoon), wanton sleaze and nudity, clever political satire, cruel black humour, and loads of bonkers high-speed race action (the likes of which would influence George Miller on his hugely successful Mad Max movies).

The film also benefits from an excellent cast: David Carradine, the perfect choice to play surly race champion Frankenstein (I came face-to-face with the actor a couple of times and he was just as unapproachable in real life); a young Sly Stallone as Frankenstein's main rival, uncouth hoodlum Machine Gun Joe Viterbo; sexy Simone Griffeth, as Frank's navigator Annie, whose stunning looks and figure would make it hard for me to keep my eyes on the road; cult favourite Mary Woronov as sassy driver Calamity Jane; and Martin 'Karate Kid' Kove, as Nero the Hero, the terrorist's first victim. With a cool line-up like that, a good time is almost guaranteed.

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A high-octane B-movie with satirical cheek

Author: Mr-Fusion from United States
8 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Death Race 2000" seems like it was tailor-made for the midnight movie crowd. Gonzo is the word that comes to mind. You can't help but chuckle at some of the gleeful violence in such a roughly hewn movie, and the acting herein varies from wooden to cheesy (and a big draw is watching Stallone ham it up in that hair). Not to mention David Carradine in the bondage Darth Vader getup.

It's all too ridiculous and that's its charm. Like watching the love child of "Cannonball Run", "The Running Man" and "Mad Max". Which really doesn't seem doable anywhere else but on paper; but here, it works.


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A Great Movie

Author: Duncan Gosseyn from Ann Arbor, Michigan
28 March 2014

I avoided DEATH RACE 2000 for a long time because I thought it would be too violent and sadistic just like the remake with Jason Statham. But I figured that since it was made in the 70s it couldn't be that bad. And it isn't. Special effects have gotten much better. The blood in the remake looks real. Anybody can tell that the blood here is fake. The violence is also quite minimal. I mean, there's a scene where a guy's head gets crushed under a car tire but trust me, it really isn't as gory as it sounds.

The movie is only around 75 minutes long, which is as long as it needed to be. There really aren't any scenes that I thought were unnecessary. I really liked the story and the political commentary. The action scenes were pretty good for a movie that cost just $300,000 (around $1.5 million in today's money) to make. I still can't get over the fact that this spectacular (and I promise I'm not using that word sarcastically) movie was made for only that much money. (By the way, I didn't give this movie 10 stars for being good AND inexpensive, just for being good. I'm just saying that the fact that it was inexpensive is amazing given how good it is.)

Anyway, another thing that I really liked about this movie is that it is really funny. I don't want to give any specific examples since DR2K is so short and it's best if you watch it without knowing much about it, but there are some scenes that might seem sadistic at first but really aren't.

This isn't a movie that takes itself too seriously, which I really liked. Here's the thing. Every dystopian movie has an absurd premise. I can't think of a single one that doesn't. So why are they so serious? (There are maybe a few exceptions, like LOGAN'S RUN, which is somewhat serious but not excessively so.) Take THE HUNGER GAMES for example. It's so serious but, ultimately, the premise is quite ridiculous. The makers of DEATH RACE 2000 knew they were making a movie with a droll premise and apparently didn't hesitate to make it lighthearted and humorous. I loved how Matilda the Hun, the Nazi driver, yelled "Blitzkrieg!" every time she ran someone over. Sylvester Stallone as "Machine Gun" Joe Viterbo has some really great lines such as "You lousy stinking dirtball. You've got two seconds to live!"

I can't believe that the late Roger Ebert gave this movie 0/4 stars. That was another reason why I avoided this movie for quite a long time. Now don't get me wrong, I really liked reading his reviews and I agreed with his opinions on many of the movies that he reviewed. But go read his short review of DR2K:

It's really not a review of the film itself. It's more of a criticism of movie theaters that don't enforce MPAA ratings.

DEATH RACE 2000 is one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen. You might think it's a movie that's so bad it's good but it's not. It's just good.

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what delicious trash!

Author: JamieWJackson from United States
21 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Actually, that's not quite fair. The movie itself is far from trash, although there is a lot that's trashy about it. But it makes a good sound bite, no? :-)

As I write this, there are already 130 reviews of DR2K on IMDb. What could I add? With that many reviews in the hopper already, this is a vanity review. Oh well. Here's my take:

This is cheap B-movie fare, but it reminds me of the Beatles in that its greatness stems from a nexus of circumstances unlikely to ever occur again. Everything came together here to make a really outstanding B-movie, and the trashiness adds to the fun (for those who let it). DR2K has wicked tongue-in-cheek fun while also throwing at us gratuitous nudity and slapstick violence, and always keeping us guessing at what in the world is coming next. I think only the 1970s could produce a movie like this; we grew up too much after that, and everything is too self-aware and self-conscious now to do this sort of zealous, devil-may-care schlock any more.

It's a bit like Mel Brooks at his best, but doing it on a shoestring budget. This sort of production only works if everyone believes in it enough to put enthusiasm into their work, because it sure isn't going to make it on production value. Thankfully, in this case, they got terrific, spirited performances from just about everyone involved. (That's not to say that the acting was top-notch, just that it was lively and kept things moving and entertaining.) There's no mystery why some hate the film; you need a sardonic sense of humor and a tolerance for low budget antics. Those without should watch something else. For the rest of us this is a real gem.

Simone Griffeth is enchanting in this movie, both for her beauty and seductiveness as well as for providing much of the best real acting; I find myself wishing she'd found a lot more success later. She seemed to have everything one could want in a rising starlet, but I don't think I've ever seen her before. The other gals are lovely as well; plenty of good B-movie eye candy, just as it should be, and they don't just sit there, they really get into their roles, as the guys do too.

*** MILD SPOILER: *** what other movie offers you, with as straight a face as anything else in the film, a line like "Mr. and Mrs. President Frankenstein"??!? LOL!!

If you're up for some campy fun and dark humor, don't miss DR2K!

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Brutal But Effective Action/Satire.

Author: AaronCapenBanner from North America
2 September 2013

David Carradine plays legendary driver "Frankenstein" who runs the annual cross-country race in the future year 2000(!) which is televised to a nation of oppressed citizens for their entertainment(very much like the Roman Empire) There are no rules, since the goal is for the racers to rack up points by hitting as many pedestrians as possible, some of whom willingly sacrifice themselves, and others who don't seem to have a clue what's going on...

Violent but funny film has a carefully controlled performance by David Carradine, and many flamboyant ones from the others(including Martin Kove and Sylvester Stallone) Carradine must deal with treachery from his co-pilot, who is part of a resistance movement meant to overthrow the president, who no longer lives in the country.

Effective satire offsets the graphic violence, and chase scenes are well staged, leading to a most satisfying(and ironic) end.

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Surprisingly Enjoyable

Author: Eric Curto from USA
25 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I recently watched this film off of Netflix since its about to be taken off and was surprisingly satisfied as to what I had seen. The film is one of those films that takes on a humorous tone, while against a controversial possibility to happening. While the film was made in the 70's as a look into what the Year 2000 would be like, it still looks great. I found myself wondering if this was made by Stanley Kubrick, lots of long angled shot and bright empty areas. One scene in particular reminded of The Shining & A Clockwork Orange, when Carradine's Frankenstein and his navigator Annie are first alone together, the scene has a presence as strong as the actors and that is what Kubrick was known for, making the scenes jump out as much as the characters. The film has lots of funny moments and each character feels like a live action cartoon character, especially when Martin Kove(of the Karate Kid films)and Sylvester Stallone(of Rocky & Rambo fame). David Carradine plays the Evil Kanieval of the film, known as Frankenstein, this is due to many of his body parts being fake, due to many horrific accidents due to the races. He does an excellent job at playing in the role, a role he'll briefly reprise in the Jason Statham Remake/sequel/prequel. He's also looked at as a sort of unique character, wearing a special out to amplify his look. We get a bit of back story on him, but not too much, as the films focus is definitely on the hit & run races. Sylvester Stallone, plays "Machine Gun" Joe, his main rival throughout the picture, he plays the role in an adolescent way, focused primarily on Frankenstein, because he wants to be #1 and doesn't feel like he is appreciated. He certainly we are made to hate him, as he is way out there, even as far as smacking around his navigator. The females of the film are strong(except the navigator to Machine Gun Joe)and have there own personalities, but I wanna focus primarily on the two leads and the idea of the film. The films plot about legalized Hit & Run sporting events is again seen in the Schwarzenegger film "The Running Man" but instead of hit & run, its a battle royal of sorts criminals. The driving stunts and the circumstances of some of the hit & runs are performed well and hilariously. Stallone & Carradine perform their own driving stunts, making for better scenes and less cuts to stunt men. I have yet to see the remake and the prequels to that, its weird cause while the director of those films stated his film was a prequel to this, all other evidence says its a sequel. Anyway, I've written enough and definitely recommend this, for the formats and editions, I'd say get the recent Shout Factory Blu-Ray or DVD editions as they have some great features.

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Cartoon or comic-book like

Author: oscar-35 from working in Movieland
12 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Spoiler/plot- Death Race 2000, 1975. It's the future, the world's governments have gone global with the US president living outside the continental US. He organizes and promotes a road race from the east to the west coast once a year. There are five themed race teams of drivers and navigators with specialized cars for the race. The racers are judged on speed, time trails and get extra points for the traffic fatalities they accomplish along the way. The anti-global patriot forces try to disrupt the race for their political agenda.

*Special Stars- David Carradine, Simone Griffeth, Sylvester Stallone, Fred Grandy, Don Steele.

*Theme- Watch your back and stay out of the race and the road.

*Trivia/location/goofs- Large stretches of Camarillo farm roads and desert roads are used in this film. Templin Highway north of Castiac CA is a major filming location. Watch for continuity problems with hair styles and costumes.

*Emotion- Some extremely cartoon or comic-book like main characters performing in a arcade game plot premise.Very low budget and look to this sci-fi classic. It's well worth seeing at least once for the nostalgia of the 70's in this cinema form.

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