Death Race 2000 (1975) Poster

Plot Keywords

race future
car navigator
president automobile
psychotronic drive in classic
dead body dancing in underwear
black leather underwear undressing
briefs male underwear
male rear nudity male nudity
bare chested male exploding airplane
pirate broadcasting dystopia
road racing car racing
dangerous driving widow
trombone transplant
transconteninal race toro
television host swastika
suspended animation sound effect
saint louis robot arm
resistance resistance fighter
reference to harry s truman reference to george washington
reference to abraham lincoln nurse
no holds barred memorial service
masked man marching band
machine gun killing spree
iron cross hiding one's face
greaser flag pole
final solution fan girl
disfigurement cyborg
cover up construction worker
bullfight balloon
attempted filicide animated opening credits
lincoln tunnel american indian museum
satire vehicle combat
combat car carsploitation
year in title digit in title
reference to frankenstein reality spoof
unmasking female nudity
electronic music score dancing
bare breasts absurd violence
game of death topless female nudity
neo nazi hit and run
explosive crushed head
landmine b movie
wheelchair wedding
tv pirate tv broadcast
television reporter resistance movement
political satire airplane crash
mask killing
impalement highway
grandmother granddaughter relationship fan club
explosion exploding car
doll dictatorship
child in peril car chase
black comedy artificial hand
cult director gore
assault blood sport
nudity betrayal
murder blood
reporter sabotage
vehicular assault la marseillaise
fictitious sport tommy gun
automobile racing death
race car sadism
violence hand grenade
cult film independent film
number in title

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