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Loved it

Author: one4now4 from Ft. Worth, TX, USA
25 June 2004

Alice Cooper is one of the greatest rockers of all time, and is probably the penultimate theatrical shock-rocker legend. I rented this in middle school and thought it was so kickass. It's always neat when somebody takes a handful of songs and makes a trippy horror movie out of them, as is the case here. Some of the songs showcased are among the best of Alice, but some of them were (even in my opinion) some of his lesser musical moments. At the same time, one of the great things about "Alice Cooper: The Nightmare" is how what becomes musically weak at times remains visually strong throughout. Vincent Price is one of the greatest actors associated with horror, so it would make sense to have him introduce Alice Cooper's classic horror rock, and it all amounts to a fun, freaky blast that I would highly recommend to all the weirdos out there... like me!

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Alice Cooper The Nightmare (NOT Welcome to myNightmare)

Author: Out-of-Print-Video from Columbus, OH
26 May 2000

is a Classic Performance Video that features ONLY Alice Cooper and Vincent Price, it consists of conceptual videos acted on a stage and has a running time of 66 minutes. So it shouldn't be confused with "Welcome to my Nightmare"...which the IMDB is referring to here. The Nightmare is quite Rare but not impossible to find...and it is fantastic fun...14 songs each introduced by Vincent Price. Features great scenes of Cooper and Vincent Price interacting together...the two were made to work together!

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A "Nightmare" Remembered With Shivery Satisfaction

Author: Christopher T. Chase ( from Arlington, VA.
8 September 2006

Some people might remember this (or not), but back in the Seventies ABC had a late night variety series called "ABC's Wide World of Entertainment." It showed after prime-time, mostly on Friday and Saturday nights, and featured a rotating roster of specials, series and concerts. It was this show that first introduced me to "ALICE COOPER: THE NIGHTMARE." I don't think I had bought the "Welcome To My Nightmare" LP yet, but "Only Women Bleed" was already a Top 40 hit. I was sort of familiar with Alice as one of those Gothic rock figures that made anything BUT sunny-happy pop music, and I'd heard some songs of his I'd liked ("School's Out", "I'm Eighteen", "Elected.") But when I found out that my childhood horror hero, the one-and-only Vincent Price was involved with this "video movie," I was completely sold.

Time has dimmed my memory of that initial experience somewhat, and I'm sure that if by some happy twist of fate that this program were to be re-released at last on DVD, the images would look pretty dated, even cheesy by comparison with today's videos. Nevertheless, there are still images that stick with me: Alice as the fly stuck in a glittery web with glistening, black body-stockinged beauties during the "Black Widow" segment; the cool and chilling dance with a dead lover in "Cold Ethyl," and the spooky ballerina of "Only Women Bleed." But best of all was Vincent Price lending his ghoulishly gleeful presence as the "Spirit of the Nightmare" from which there is no escape for Alice as "Steven." And someday I have to thank Alice personally for that particular number, should I ever be fortunate enough to have the chance...I was so inspired by the song and the performance, that I recreated "Steven" in high school drama class. And got an 'A'.

Which, in spite of its age, I would give to ALICE COOPER: THE NIGHTMARE. If it were available on DVD.

I hope that someone heard me say the folks at ABC, or Dark Sky Films, who seem to specialize in finding this stuff.

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Author: CaligulaAzrael from Warsaw, Poland
26 October 2009

This one is a kind of visualization for whole track list from the classic Alice Cooper's concept album "Welcome To My Nightmare". Made for the television, it;s quite cheap, but it also has Vincent Price as some kind of "Nightmare Master". Price gave his appearance also on the album with his talk introducing "Black Widow". Lots of fun, surreal decorations and Cooper's performances with songs from his greatest long play. Maybe it's not really musical movie with regular plot, but if you like when horror mixes with some good rock'n'roll music then this one should satisfy you. "Cold Ethyl", "Department of Youth", "Some Folks" and "Devil's Food" - I guess this titles are enough for good recommendation. A must see for every Alice Cooper's fan.

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Creepy Fun

Author: Anthony Dunaway from Central AL
14 June 2000

This is NOT the concert film "Welcome To My Nightmare," but rather a prime-time special from 1975. "The Nightmare" is sort of a revue of the songs from the popular "Welcome To My Nightmare" album within the loose framework of Steven (Alice Cooper) being taken on a tour of his nightmares by The Master Of The Nightmare (Vincent Price).

"The Nightmare" lacks the strong, cohesive plot of "Tommy," "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Hair," and other rock musicals, and some of the "monsters" look cheesy and dated in this day and age, but it's still a lot of creepy fun, like an EC Horror comic book set to music. Linda Googh is frighteningly sexy as Steven's necrophile lover, Cold Ethyl. Perfect for rainy autumn afternoons.

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A Musical Masterpiece. It's Alice doing what he does best!

Author: riddler_1138-3 from Broken Arrow, Ok
22 November 1999

This is by far one of the Great Alice Cooper concerts. If there ever was a showman who was able to cast murder, mayhem and some damn good rock and roll into one thing then Alice Cooper was that man. From Guillotines to stranglings, Alice knows what the crowd is wanting he gives them that ten-fold.

I have had the honor of actually seeing Alice Live not once..but six times in concert. Better to see the show live but video is almost just as good.

Out of 10..........10/10!

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ALICE COOPER: THE NIGHTMARE (TV) (Jorn Winther, 1975) **1/2

Author: MARIO GAUCI ( from Naxxar, Malta
11 May 2011

I am not sure how Vincent Price came to be involved with pop/rock music but, apart from his famed contribution to Michael Jackson's song "Thriller" from his eponymous (and top-selling) 1982 record, he appeared in this TV special inspired by Heavy Metal exponent Alice Cooper's concept album "Welcome To My Nightmare". On a personal note, I had long been interested in checking out Cooper's earliest albums, given that they had been produced by Bob Ezrin and featured guitarists Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner – all 3 of whom were also involved with Lou Reed's 1973 solo masterpiece "Berlin" and, Hunter and Wagner only, Reed's successive release, "Rock 'N' Roll Animal" – to my mind the best live album ever!

The basic premise here is simple: a man finds that he cannot wake up from his own nightmare. Guiding him through the maze of vaguely surreal visions (clichéd Halloween imagery giving way to a lair of spider/human hybrids, a refrigerator graveyard, and even having a top-hatted Cooper engaged in a tap-dance routine with a trio of likewise-attired skeletons!) is an ageing Price – making intermittent campy appearances to spout unspeakable lines and laugh himself silly – as The Spirit Of The Nightmare. Cooper is shown in and out of (his recognizable face-painted) character, as the young man asleep in bed dreaming and, of course, the protagonist of the "phantasm" (as Price vividly puts it). Throughout, he is also made to reflect on his life – childhood memories evoked by a fairground ride and the recounting of his success story being literally 'torn from the headlines'.

The approach to this early form of (extended) music video is typical of the era: a gaudily elaborate mise-en-scene (exemplified by distracting and pointless choreography, even if the color scheme is imaginatively-deployed) undercut by poor technical quality. On the other hand, the artist's essence emerges well enough (with the outstanding track being the eventual single release "Only Women Bleed"), and he clearly relished the opportunity since he would often return to the screen in subsequent years (albeit mostly in small roles and guest spots)! At 66 minutes, the program is tolerable and even mildly enjoyable for what it tries to do (though, regrettably, it requires Vincent Price to be embarrassed somewhat – in any case, he would re-unite with the same performer on THE STRANGE CASE OF ALICE COOPER in 1979). For what it is worth, Cooper's live staging of the album the following year would also be caught on tape and, since last year, has reportedly been busy at work on a sequel to the original album to be titled "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"!

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