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Season 2

5 Sep. 1976
Gambling Fever
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12 Sep. 1976
The Kid
When Lil's young nephew Jimmy comes to stay he brings a wide variety of his small pets with him. Benny and Wally have a golden opportunity to play all sorts of school-boy pranks on a terrified Lil.
19 Sep. 1976
The Homework
Young Jimmy is still staying in the Briggs household. While struggling with his school homework Wally and Benny offer to lend him a hand, their pitiful academic efforts cause Lil and Jimmy much amusement.
26 Sep. 1976
Change Partners
Wally is not normally the jealous type but when wife Lil takes up her long forgotten hobby of old time dancing, Wally becomes suspicious of Lil's handsome dance partner Norman.
3 Oct. 1976
After a string of heavy losses at the local dog racing track, Benny and Wally finally score a big win on a greyhound called 'Blackjack'. Wally ends up buying Blackjack much to an angry Lil's dismay.
10 Oct. 1976
The New Bed
Lil finds her old bed uncomfortable while Wally couldn't care less.Ever on the look out for easy cash, Benny invites them both to inspect the dodgy beds at his con-man friends, furniture warehouse.
17 Oct. 1976
The Handy Man
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24 Oct. 1976
Woman Trouble
Sick of having Benny sponge on her and Wally, Lil's hopes rise when she hears that one of Benny's old flames Carole has divorced. Knowing the wealthy Carole can satisfy Benny's monetary needs far better than they, Lil plays eager matchmaker.
31 Oct. 1976
The Job
As ever fed up of the lazy, work-shy Benny,a very disgruntled Lil downs tools and dishes out sandwiches to both Wally and Benny, as both men have gargantuan appetites Benny soon takes the hint and looks for work.
7 Nov. 1976
The Bargain
Lily wants a big freezer, Benny pleases her by selling her one at a cheap price. Unknown to Lil, Benny and his crook friend are selling freezers on commission, the freezer is soon faulty and Benny feels the rage of his sister-in-law.
14 Nov. 1976
The Policy
Lily wants to take out an insurance policy on Wally. As Wally is adamant he does not want one taken out, Lil is forced to try taking the policy out in secret. Brother-in-law Benny soon proposes a shady plan for her to obtain one.
21 Nov. 1976
The Repair
Lil's nephew, young, Jimmy stops-over during a fishing trip, Wally proclaiming himself an expert angler interferes and causes mayhem at the river-side.
28 Nov. 1976
The Holiday
Lil and Wally should have seen enough of lazy brother, Benny by now. But Benny and his busty, girlfriend, Molly, con both Wally and Lil to go to a Spanish holiday with them. Wally ends up footing the bill for the holiday as usual of course.

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