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13 Jan. 1979
Bride and Gloom
The word is out that Barbarino is getting married. But he isn't marrying his girlfriend and the secret marriage has something to do with Epstein.
3 Feb. 1979
Barbarino's Baby
Barbarino is frustrated because he doesn't get a good job at the hospital. So he is excited when he has to take a pregnant woman to her room. But the elevator breaks with them in it and she goes into labor. Now he has to deliver the baby.
10 Feb. 1979
The Goodbye Guy
Mr. Woodman's niece, Kelly, babysits for the Kotters one night when Epstein comes by looking for Mr. Kotter. He finds Kelly instead, they become acquainted, and they eventually move in together, to Mr. Woodman's horror.
24 Feb. 1979
Come Back, Little Arnold
Terrified of going out with pretty Mary Johnson, Horshack believes he can find courage in a bottle.
3 Mar. 1979
The Sweat Smell of Success
Epstein is assigned to the school paper and changes it from a dull, lifeless weekly to a gossipy, sensationalist money-maker -- almost losing his friends in the process.
17 Mar. 1979
The Gang Show
Freddie and Juan compete in the school talent show, but Carvelli woos the judges so he can win the competition. So Horshack and Beau become alternate judges and fill in when the other judges are unable to fulfill their duties.
25 May 1979
Oo-Oo, I Do: Part 1
Arnold and Mary express their love for each other, then Arnold learns his mother married a blackjack dealer in Atlantic City, and now he has to leave school and the woman he loves. So Instead of leaving, Arnold asks Mary to marry him.
25 May 1979
Oo-Oo, I Do: Part 2
The Sweathogs give Arnold a bachelor party and tease him about married life. He takes it personally and runs away because he thinks he can't support Mary.
1 Jun. 1979
I'm Okay, But You're Not
Beau's sweet-talking to Mr. Woodman backfires when the guys accuse him of bad-mouthing them.
8 Jun. 1979
The Bread Winners
Epstein has a job prospect, but Washington unknowingly takes the job before Epstein gets a chance to interview. Their friendship is in danger, and they decide to settle their differences through a fight at the local spa.

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