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6 Jan. 1977
Caruso's Way
Barbarino wants revenge after a gym teacher slaps him in the face.
13 Jan. 1977
Sweatgate Scandal
The Sweathogs join the school newspaper and investigate the break-in at the principal's office. During their investigation, they discover some shady happenings at Buchanan High School.
20 Jan. 1977
Kotter and Son
Kotter's father travels 1,400 miles to see him and to see what he does at school. While the senior Kotter observes his son teaching about the Great Depression, he tries to take over the class and tell stories of living through that time.
27 Jan. 1977
Chicken a la Kotter
Kotter needs $1,400 to fix his teeth. He becomes so desperate he starts moonlighting at a second job only to be discovered by the Sweathogs.
3 Feb. 1977
Has Anyone Seen Arnold?
Horshack takes on the role of Cyrano de Bergerac for the school play. But when the other Sweathogs rank on him, he gets upset and runs away. Now, since nobody can find Horshack, Barbarino has to go on stage in his place as Cyrano.
3 Feb. 1977
There Goes Number 5
After his fifth stepfather dies, Horshack decides it's time for him to grow up and become the head of the house.
10 Feb. 1977
The Littlest Sweathog
When Gabe learns that Julie is pregnant, he cannot understand why she is less than thrilled to be having a baby.
17 Feb. 1977
Radio Free Freddie
The Sweathogs visit a radio station and get introduced on the air. When Freddie gets his turn to talk, he proves to be a big hit and develops a large fan following, but the other Sweathogs become jealous of his success.
24 Feb. 1977
I'm Having Their Baby
With Kotter away on a teacher's conference, the Sweathogs decide to spend quality time with a pregnant Julie. However, Julie is not so thrilled with all the attention from the Sweathogs.
3 Mar. 1977
I Wonder Who's Kissing Gabe Now
Epstein spies a sexy art teacher kiss Kotter and assumes that Kotter is cheating on Julie.
10 Sep. 1977
Sweathog Back-to-School Special
The Welcome Back, Kotter flashback episode. The Sweathogs throw Kotter a surprise party before the start of the new semester. During the party, Kotter and the Sweathogs reflect back on all the good times they had over the first two seasons.
15 Sep. 1977
And Baby Makes Four: Part 1
As the Kotters prepare for the birth of their baby, the Sweathogs discover that Barbarino got left back in the 10th grade.
15 Sep. 1977
And Baby Makes Four: Part 2
Julie goes into labor and Gabe waits to hear what she has. After waiting impatiently, Gabe is surprised to learn he's the father of not one, but two baby girls.
22 Sep. 1977
And Baby Makes Four: Part 3
Woodman subs for Kotter while he and Julie bring the babies home from the hospital. Then Julie's parents drop in from Nebraska for a visit, and Gabe has to sleep on the fire escape.
29 Sep. 1977
Brother, Can You Spare a Million?
Kotter buys Barbarino's share of the Sweathogs' lottery ticket, but Barbarino says he wants no part of it because they never win. When they do win the $1,000 semifinal prize, Barbarino and Kotter disagree on who should get the money.
6 Oct. 1977
Just Testing
Kotter refuses to help Barbarino study for his test that would promote him to the eleventh grade. So the Sweathogs make a deal with Kotter. If he helps Barbarino study, they will help Julie and the babies.
13 Oct. 1977
The Deprogramming of Arnold Horshack
Horshack joins a religious cult and decides to drop out of school to go live with with the cult members. But before he leaves, the Sweathogs pull him into the school bathroom and try to deprogram him.
20 Oct. 1977
What a Move
The Kotters are looking for a new apartment and having no luck. Juan has an answer to their problem. His Uncle owns a building in a good neighborhood at the right price. The gang helps the Kotters move in and everything seems to be going great...until Moe Epstein tells them that there are no babies allowed.
27 Oct. 1977
A Novel Idea
Woodman writes a novel set during the Civil War era that very closely parallels the Sweathogs, and the Sweathogs are not happy about it. So they write a novel of their own set in outer space and depicting Woodman as the villain.
3 Nov. 1977
Barbarino in Love: Part 1
The Sweathogs' singing group wins the city-wide talent contest semi-finals. Then Barbarino becomes infatuated with one of their finals competitors. When they start dating, it jeopardizes the Sweathogs' chances of winning.
10 Nov. 1977
Barbarino in Love: Part 2
Barbarino makes up with the Sweathogs and gets the band back together. But when the judges found out Barbarino quit the band, they disqualified them from the contest.
17 Nov. 1977
Kotter for Vice Principal
When Woodman's contract for renewal is up, Kotter decides he wants to apply for vice principal. Then he has a dream that he is the king of Buchanan High School and the very old Sweathogs want to oust him from power.
24 Nov. 1977
Swine and Punishment
Washington scores a 90 on his literature exam and Woodman accuses him of cheating. So to prove his innocence, Washington agrees to to take a make-up test.
8 Dec. 1977
Epstein's Madonna
Epstein paints a mural of a nude woman on the wall of the school, using the image of Julie Kotter as his inspiration.
15 Dec. 1977
A Sweathog Christmas Special
Merriment, mistletoe and menorahs are the beginnings of a Merry Christmas celebration with the Sweathogs and Gabe and Julie Kotter.
22 Dec. 1977
The Sweathogs host a radio station at school, but Horshack's ratings are so bad that he gets canceled. In his final broadcast, he becomes a radical radio broadcaster causing his ratings to soar.

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