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Season 1

9 Sep. 1975
The Great Debate
Kotter arranges a debate between the Sweathogs and the debate team.
16 Sep. 1975
Basket Case
Kotter is pressured to give Boom-Boom a passing grade on his exam, which he fails, so that he can continue to play on the basketball team.
23 Sep. 1975
Welcome Back (Pilot)
Gabriel Kotter is a teacher in Brooklyn, New York who ends up teaching at his old alma mater: Buchanan High School. He has been assigned to teach the remedial students, better known as the Sweathogs, a group to which he used to belong.
30 Sep. 1975
Rosalie fakes shes pregnant in order to make the sweathogs confess she did not fool around with them.
7 Oct. 1975
The Election
Vinnie runs for class president.
14 Oct. 1975
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Woodman and Mr. Kotter reverse roles. Mr. Woodman starts being nice to the sweathogs, and Mr. Kotter starts getting mean to them.
21 Oct. 1975
Classroom Marriage
Freddie and Vernajean wants to quit school to get married. So Mr. Kotter has them act out a marriage in class.
28 Oct. 1975
One of Our Sweathogs Is Missing
Epstein loses a fight to Todd Ludlow, he feels so ashamed about it he runs away.
4 Nov. 1975
Mr. Kotter, Teacher
Mr. Kotter is suspended because Mr. Woodman doesn't like his teaching methods.
18 Nov. 1975
The Reunion
Mr. Kotter dreads an old successful classmate coming to dinner.
25 Nov. 1975
Barbarino's Girl
Mr. Kotter talks Judy into tutoring Barbarino. The two eventually become friends, but Barbarino doesn't want the other Sweathogs to know about it.
2 Dec. 1975
California Dreamin'
A new girl sweathog arrives and has all the boy sweathogs in heat.
16 Dec. 1975
Arrividerci, Arnold
When it is announced that Horshack has graduated out of the Sweathogs and into regular classes, Kotter instructs the remaining Sweathogs to shun him so that he can meet people in his new classes.
6 Jan. 1976
The Longest Weekend
Kotter begins to behave erratically when he learns that Julie will be going on a weekend ski trip, marking the first time that they've been separated since their marriage.
13 Jan. 1976
The Sit-In
Instead of the planned food fight, Kotter convinces the Sweathogs to stage an all-night classroom sit-in to protest the school's serving of liver for lunch.
20 Jan. 1976
Follow the Leader: Part 1
Sweathogs tapping at the window for breakfast, coupled with the love, attention and time Mr. Kotter lavishes upon his students finally drive the neglected Julie to leave Gabe. Meanwhile, Kotter's classroom lesson on democracy goes awry when the Sweathogs vote Barbarino out and Freddie in as their new leader, provoking the rejected Vinnie to drop out of school.
22 Jan. 1976
Follow the Leader: Part 2
Mr. Kotter seeks to reconcile with Julie, Freddie's leadership of the Sweathogs evokes the adage of absolute power corrupting absolutely and Barbarino weighs humility versus being a high school dropout and door-to-door Tidy-Didy cleanser salesman.
29 Jan. 1976
Dr. Epstein, I Presume
Epstein goes to the guidance counselor to talk about being a veterinarian. She says he is not smart enough and he should look for a career in manual labor. So he gives his animals Kotter because he thinks he can't take care of them anymore.
5 Feb. 1976
One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest
A flu epidemic requires several advanced students to join Kotter's class, where they quickly outshine his struggling students. Kotter boosts the battered self-confidence of his Sweathogs by demonstrating that not all smarts are book smarts.
12 Feb. 1976
The Telethon
Arnold and Mr. Kotter persuade the Sweathogs to hold a telethon for much needed school supplies.
19 Feb. 1976
Kotter Makes Good
Mr. Woodman gleefully informs Kotter that there are no records of his having completed his senior exams, so Kotter has to take the tests alongside his Sweathogs, who commit to tutoring him.
26 Feb. 1976
Father Vinnie
Vinnie's 87 year old grandmother is in the hospital possibly on her death bed. When his grandmother dies he decides he must honor her death bed request of him and become a priest. He now walks the hallways of Buchanan telling everyone he loves them and organizing prayer meetings. But what is he to do when faced with an after school date with Bambi? Kotter and the rest of the guys must convince Vinnie that he just isn't cut out to be a priest.

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