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7 Jan. 1976
The Hostages
An armored car driver is forced to collect money for a band of robbers who are holding his pregnant wife hostage. Starsky and Hutch have only a few hours to locate his wife and rescue the driver, as this gang's m.o. is to leave no witnesses alive.
14 Jan. 1976
Losing Streak
Starsky and Hutch have to locate and rescue a washed-up jazz pianist now compulsive gambler running for his life after stealing $2,000 in counterfeit bills from a mob-connected club owner.
21 Jan. 1976
An investigation of a safe-blowing jewel heist and murder lead Starsky and Hutch to a childlike deaf mute resident of a halfway house for ex-cons overseen by a hard-bitten, cigar-chomping priest.
28 Jan. 1976
Omaha Tiger
A series of suspicious deaths at a professional wrestling arena bring Starsky and Hutch into the squared circle, a world of outsized stars, misfits and greed-consumed con men.
18 Feb. 1976
Starsky and Hutch run afoul of federal agent Bettin when his scheme to collar crime kingpin Dombarris puts back on the streets the serial rapist Jojo, a psychopath Starsky and Hutch are determined to put away for good.
25 Feb. 1976
Starsky risks his badge to nurse back to health and sobriety a former classmate now an alcoholic fashion model who is also the only person who can describe a homicidal burglar, which is why that killer is determined to see her dead.
3 Mar. 1976
A Coffin for Starsky
A vengeance-seeking fiend injects Starsky with a chemical compound that will kill him in 24 hours, sparking Starsky and Hutch to race against time to track down the criminal and his poison formula so an antidote can be created.
21 Apr. 1976
Bounty Hunter
The owners of a seedy bail bonds agency are really extortionists who keep crooks OUT of jail -- for hefty fees. One of their "clients" balks at paying them off any more, pulls a gun on them and tries to exit the office. The female half of the group pulls out her own gun and drills the man through the head. The two of them conspire to keep the dead man "alive" by sending the beefy male half of the team on a crime spree which imitates the modus operandi of the dead criminal.
25 Sep. 1976
The Las Vegas Strangler, Part 1
Starsky and Hutch are in Las Vegas to catch a serial killer who has strangled a string of chorus girls. What they don't realize is the prime suspect is an old high-school friend of Hutch's.
25 Sep. 1976
The Las Vegas Strangler, Part 2
Starsky and Hutch continue to uncover the clues that will lead them to the Las Vegas Strangler. Hutch helps his troubled friend Jack while Starsky enjoys a brief encounter with a beautiful showgirl with a heartbreaking back story.
2 Oct. 1976
Murder at Sea
In this double episode, after a ship's purser is murdered, Starsky and Hutch pose as onboard entertainment directors Hack & Zack to unravel a mystery involving cocaine, the syndicate, and a homicide witness who may not be who she appears to be. During their travels they contend with the Bayside Singles Club, explosives, Huggerini the Incredible, and a chase with a dune buggy.
2 Oct. 1976
Murder at Sea Part 2
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16 Oct. 1976
While working a case, Starsky learns that Hutch's new girlfriend, Gillian is a high class prostitute working for some criminals they're investigating.
23 Oct. 1976
Starsky and Hutch try to bust Mr. Amboy for his involvement in prostitution, numbers, and drugs despite their "first Bicentennial bribery offer" and the threat of a harassment charge.
30 Oct. 1976
The Vampire
When dancers are discovered strangled and with their necks punctured, Starsky and Hutch head out to put the bite on the blood-sucking freak behind the series of vampire-style slayings.
6 Nov. 1976
The Specialist
When Starsky and Hutch and two other cops are chasing some criminals, a woman is killed in the crossfire. The whole thing is ruled as an accident and the woman's husband doesn't take it well. When the two cops are killed, they suspect the husband. They learn that the man is a government agent who was laid off by his employers.
20 Nov. 1976
Tap Dancing Her Way Right Back into Your Hearts
Starsky goes undercover as Ramon the dance instructor and Hutch as wealthy Texan rancher and dance student Charlie McCabe to expose a blackmail operation.
27 Nov. 1976
An investigation of brutal assaults leads Starsky and Hutch to Arty Solkin, a Fagin-like character who seems to be manipulating a troubled teen. When Arty targets Hutch, will his girlfriend, Abigail, be safe?
28 Nov. 1976
Two thugs rape and assault a mentally challenged teen-aged girl. Bad news for them: Lisa is a friend of Starsky & Hutch's, who will now stop at nothing to see them put behind bars.
18 Dec. 1976
Iron Mike
Starsky and Hutch inadvertently discover that a highly revered police captain may be in collusion with a criminal.
25 Dec. 1976
Little Girl Lost
Molly "Pete" Edwards, a young girl living with her alcoholic, ex-con father, finds herself suddenly orphaned just before Christmas. Will Starsky and Hutch be there to help her when her father's partners in crime come looking for her?

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