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Season 3

17 Sep. 1977
Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island
The boys are tasked with investigating Playboy Island. The island is owned by billionaire William Thorne, and a series deaths have attracted the attention of the authorities. They believe the appearance of Johnny Doors, a high ranking crime syndicate figure may indicate an attempt to take over the financial empire by the Mob.
24 Sep. 1977
Fatal Charm
The boys are on a sting operation to try and catch a major drug dealer. While on the case Hutch meets a young lady who he soon discovers has some very strange tendencies.
1 Oct. 1977
I Love You, Rosey Malone
Starsky gets involved with the daughter of a mobster.
8 Oct. 1977
Murder Ward
Starsky arranges to be committed to a mental asylum where Hutch has been planted as a male nurse. They are investigating why this particular hospital has such a high fatality rate
15 Oct. 1977
Death in a Different Place
Starsky's childhood mentor, Police Lt. John Blaine, is found dead under compromising circumstances, and Starsky and Hutch need to contend with their preconceptions about homosexuality as they try to solve the homicide.
22 Oct. 1977
The Crying Child
When their schoolteacher friend, Carol Wade, discovers a terrible secret about one of her students, she turns to Starsky and Hutch for help. They learn about the challenges facing the Child Abuse Unit.
29 Oct. 1977
The Heroes
Reporter Chris Phelps rides along with Starsky and Hutch in order to research an article on "the counter-culture cops, the new breed," as they investigate pushers that are cutting their drugs with strychnine.
19 Nov. 1977
The Plague: Part 1
Lt. Jake Donner dies of a mysterious, highly contagious virus a few days after returning from Europe. Starsky and Hutch try to hunt down the only patient who has survived the disease, as he holds the only possibility of a cure. Unfortunately, he is an international hit man who does not want to be found.
26 Nov. 1977
The Plague: Part 2
As Hutch fights for his life when quarantined with a deadly virus, Starsky continues the search for the only hope of a cure, an elusive hit man who recovered from the disease. Starsky even confronts the hit man's target and turns to the media for help.
3 Dec. 1977
The Collector
An acrophobic former child star, turned loan shark, suddenly finds herself working with a new collector with a hidden agenda.
10 Dec. 1977
Manchild on the Streets
When a black man who's a friend of Starsky and Hutch is shot by a cop who tries to cover up by lying. When a witness says he's lying he reveals himself to be a racist. The man's son so upset that his father died and that the man who killed him will probably not be punished, wants to get away so he turns to a friend who's a punk, to get money. The guy convinces him the best way to get is to rob the pharmacy at the hospital where Dr. Sammie Mason works.
7 Jan. 1978
The Action
When a friend of theirs is severely beaten due to gambling debts, Starsky and Hutch go undercover as high rollers to investigate illegal gambling at the Marlborough Health Club.
14 Jan. 1978
The Heavyweight
Starsky and Hutch investigate the murder of an undercover officer in the warehouse district and a witness finds that he is unable to come forward due to complex circumstances in the world of boxing.
25 Jan. 1978
A Body Worth Guarding
Due to threats on her life, Starsky and Hutch are assigned to protect a visiting Russian ballerina. Hutch, a big fan, is impressed by her talent, but disappointed with her bristling personality as they get off on the wrong foot.
1 Feb. 1978
The Trap
Starsky & Hutch are lured into a trap by an ex-con seeking revenge for the death of his brother, which he blames on Hutch. They discover a stowaway in the Torino, which complicates matters.
8 Feb. 1978
Satan's Witches
A weekend trip to Captain Dobey's cabin turns sinister for Starsky & Hutch when they discover a cult across the lake and try to determine why the sheriff and inhabitants of the nearby small town are treating them so strangely.
15 Feb. 1978
Class in Crime
Hutch goes undercover as a college student to catch a professor committing murder.
22 Feb. 1978
Hutchinson for Murder One
Hutch becomes the prime suspect when his ex-wife is murdered in his apartment - with Hutch's gun as the murder weapon.
1 Mar. 1978
Foxy Lady
A witness to a murder plans to skip town.
3 May 1978
During a high-speed chase, Starsky's reckless driving lands the partners in the hospital, where Hutch appears to be stricken with amnesia. Starsky attempts to revive Hutch's memory by reminding him of their past adventures.
10 May 1978
Starsky poses as a cabbie in order to catch a serial killer who has already murdered four other taxi drivers.
17 May 1978
A serial killer who preys on prostitutes is wounded during his latest attack. When he takes Hutch's friend and her invalid mother hostage in their home, Hutch poses as a paramedic to get inside the house.

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