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Season 4

12 Sep. 1978
Along with a female officer, the Detectives go undercover at Fever, a popular discotheque, in order to set a trap for a serial killer who is murdering women that refuse to dance with him.
19 Sep. 1978
The Game
After the duo fail to capture a wanted felon, Hutch bets that he can successfully elude Starsky for 48 hours. The game becomes deadly serious when Starsky discovers that Hutch has unknowingly eaten soup contaminated with botulism.
26 Sep. 1978
Starsky is grief-stricken when pretty Emily Harrison is accidentally blinded by a shot from his gun.
10 Oct. 1978
Photo Finish
When philandering artist Tony Braddock meets his doom, Starsky and Hutch begin some black-tie sleuthing on the champagne circuit.
17 Oct. 1978
Starsky and Hutch pose as good old country boys in order to track down moonshiners who have brewed up a lethal batch of bootleg hooch.
24 Oct. 1978
Strange Justice
A veteran cop's daughter is raped and the cop shoots the suspect - Starsky and Hutch try to keep the cop out of trouble and also put the rapist in jail.
31 Oct. 1978
The Avenger
Starsky unknowingly places himself in serious danger when the Detectives investigate a woman's claims that a jealous ex-lover from San Francisco has followed her and is responsible for the murders of her recent one-night stands.
14 Nov. 1978
Starsky and Hutch work undercover in a beauty salon in order to set a trap for an international jewel thief.
21 Nov. 1978
Black and Blue
Hutch is wounded by a teenage thief, Starsky dubiously goes to work with his new partner, black and beautiful Inspector Joan Meredith.
28 Nov. 1978
The Groupie
Starsky and Hutch pose as an eccentric photographer and a timid swimwear buyer when the duo enter the fashion world to investigate a garment-business racketeering ring.
12 Dec. 1978
Cover Girl
A top model believes she has terminal cancer and arranges for a genius hit-man to end her life. She discovers the cancer is in remission, but it is too late to cancel the contract, so she turns to old flame Hutch to prevent her own death.
19 Dec. 1978
Starsky's Brother
Starsky's little brother, a smalltime hustler, arrives in town to visit Starsky. He's approached by the mob and he thinks he's become a big fish until he gets caught up in a net he can't get out of without Starsky's help.
16 Jan. 1979
The Golden Angel
In order to draw out a suspect, Starsky goes into the ring when he and Hutch are assigned to protect a wrestler who has received a death threat.
23 Jan. 1979
Ballad for a Blue Lady
Hutch dates a lounge singer and is badly beaten and marked for death by her racketeer brother.
30 Jan. 1979
Birds of a Feather
In order to pay off his wife's gambling debts, a former partner of Hutch's arranges for the murder of a witness.
6 Feb. 1979
Ninety Pounds of Trouble
Hutch poses as a hitman and bluffs the murder of Starsky to support his identity after a kid accidentally blows his cover.
13 Feb. 1979
Huggy Can't Go Home
Huggy Bear works alone to help a friend retrieve some stolen money; directed by David Soul.
6 Mar. 1979
Targets Without a Badge: Part 1
Starsky and Hutch lose Huggy Bear's trust when they are unable to save his close friend from assassination.
11 Mar. 1979
Targets Without a Badge: Part 2
Starsky and Hutch lose Huggy Bear's trust when they are unable to save his close friend from assassination.
8 May 1979
Starsky vs. Hutch
Starsky and Hutch are dating the same undercover policewoman while all three try to catch a dance hall killer.
15 May 1979
Sweet Revenge
The series finale: James Michael Gunther, the businessman who was the lead villain in "Targets Without a Badge" two shows earlier, returns to put out a murder contract on Dave Starsky. Starsky is critically wounded and seems to be dying. Hutchinson wants revenge, but can't seem to find Gunther -- until Gunther unexpectedly hands him a present -- the corpse of his own lawyer Bates in Gunther's office.

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