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Moonbase Alpha's final fate was revealed in a short fan-made film shown at the 1999 convention, where original cast member Zienia Merton reprised her role as Sandra Benes and described the final abandonment of Moonbase Alpha for their new home on an unnamed planet.
Robert Culp and Katharine Ross were Sylvia Anderson's choices for the leads.
The Moon is blasted from Earth's orbit on Monday September 13 1999.
Originally conceived as a new season of UFO (1969). The plot would have had the aliens from that series trying to destroy SHADO's moonbase by knocking the moon out of orbit.
In Britain, the second season was broadcast over the course of two years, with part shown in the autumn/winter of 1976-77, then a season break until August 1977, with new episodes running into the autumn. The first ITV region to finish the series was LWT (London) which broadcast the final episode ("The Dorcons") in November 1977. Some ITV regions did not conclude the series until 1978, and one region (HTV Wales) did not show the final episodes until 1984.
According to the documentary "Kubrick's Boxes", Stanley Kubrick threatened legal action against the producers saying Space: 1999 borrowed the look of "2001: A Space Odyssey".
Production of the series began in 1973, but the first episode wasn't broadcast until 1975.
Season 2 of the series differs noticeably from the first, due to a large number of cast changes as well as set redecoration, redesigned uniforms, and a move towards more action-oriented stories.
At the time, this was the most expensive series ever produced for British TV or for syndication.
Maya's makeup undergoes a subtle change as Season 2 goes on. Initially, she has brown ears as large "sideburns." In later episodes, her ears are normal colored, and her sideburns are thinned out.
A third season of 13 episodes was planned, with production set to start in the autumn of 1977, however low sales of the series in America forced a last-minute cancellation.
Teresa Graves was Fred Freiberger's first choice for the role of Maya. Gerry Anderson said his first choice was Catherine Schell who had already made a guest appearance in the first season episode "Guardian of Piri" as an alien android.
Barry Morse decided to leave the series after Season 1 had ended. An explanation of his absence was written into the first episode of Season 2, "The Metamorph", but never made it to the finished episode. Dialog was to indicate he had been in a faulty spacesuit.
All of the Italian male guest stars of the first season were dubbed by Robert Rietty.
Though only seen briefly in a flashback in the episode "Devil's Planet", Dr. Helena Russell (Barbara Bain) is the only character to appear in all 48 episodes of the show.
The most expensive series produced for British television up to that time.
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Before joining the series as Maya in the second season, Catherine Schell had played a different role in Guardians of Piri (#1.8).
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