Saturday Night Live (TV Series 1975– ) Poster

(1975– )

Plot Keywords

late night guest
sketch commercial
television parody
homophobic three word title
country music costume
controversy church
boss blood
announcer animated sequence
animal america
advertising adult humor
adult as child actress
actor playing female role 1990s
1980s variety show
tv program teenager
slapstick series in series
scatological humor religion
reference to facebook ensemble cast
rapper live comedy
homosexual friend
fictional tv show fictional band
double act race relations
black comedy dancing
dance dancer
cult movie cast contest
catch phrase argument
alcohol actor
sitcom showbiz
observational comedy breaking the fourth wall
behind the scenes based on tv series
based on sketch comedy adult animation
tv show television news
surrealism violence
politically incorrect journalist
journalism broadcasting
current affairs cross dressing
redneck oral sex
marijuana gay
friendship crazy humor
children stupidity
singing rock music
recurring character rap
puppet part animation
music video mock documentary
gross out comedy hip hop
father son relationship family relationships
fake news report drunkenness
drugs debate
current events crude humor
comedy team beer
bar u.s. president
topical humor stereotype
singer show business
sexual joke sexual humor
pot physical comedy
performance one liner
new york city musician
musical number marriage
irreverence interview
husband wife relationship hollywood
government entertainment
death dark humor
drug humor dating
comic comedy troupe
comedienne audience participation
absurdism absurd humor
stand up comedy variety
stand up comedian song
slapstick comedy social satire
running gag pop culture
politics monologue
live performance live audience
impersonation joke
famous opening theme fake documentary
fake commercial cult tv
comedian celebrity impersonation
celebrity actor playing himself
political satire news satire
day in title actress playing multiple roles
actor playing multiple roles spoof
satire sketch comedy
live broadcast title spoken by character

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