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Season 2

13 Sep. 1975
Deadly Tide: Part 1
S.W.A.T. investigates the death of a scuba diver and how it figures into a series of jewel thefts.
13 Sep. 1975
Deadly Tide: Part 2
As SWAT closes in on the jewel robberies, the thieves plan a heist using stolen Navy mines.
20 Sep. 1975
Kill S.W.A.T.
Hondo and his team are set up as targets for mass execution by a family of criminals who have convinced themselves that the death of one of their kin was an act of S.W.A.T. "brutality."
27 Sep. 1975
Dealers in Death
Lt. Hondo Harrelson sends Dom Luca and T.J. McCabe on special undercover assignment to track down the supplier of sophisticated automatic weapons being used in a series of crimes.
4 Oct. 1975
Time Bomb
The team is trying out one of their new devices at a movie studio. When they're done Street leaves his behind. He and Luca and McCabe are suppose to go out with their girlfriends so he picks her up when he remembers he left it behind. He goes back to get it but some men came after the team left and have planted explosives all over the studio as part of an extortion scheme. When Street gets trapped he uses it to signal the others who rush to the studio.
11 Oct. 1975
The Vendetta
Lt. Hondo Harrelson and a crooked property owner are marked for death by a pair of vengeance-seeking ex-convicts.
18 Oct. 1975
SWAT investigates a series of warehouse heists and seeks a runaway teenage girl who witnessed the thieves in action. Hovering over the investigation is a former senator with an invested interest.
25 Oct. 1975
Paul Julian, a radio repairman and friend to most of the S.W.A.T. team, lost his wife to a brutal killer, and has gone mad obsessing over her death. He keeps a police scanner tuned to S.W.A.T. and shows up at their stakeouts. Whenever the bad guys come out, to surrender or otherwise, he shoots them.
1 Nov. 1975
Four thugs knock over a race track for $2 million, but only two of them escape. One of the one left behind is killed and the other captured. The gang tries elaborate methods to try to spring the surviving accomplice when he goes to trial.
8 Nov. 1975
Hondo and a talkative dope dealer marked for execution are stranded to ether in rugged terrain after surviving the crash of a sabotaged helicopter. Frank Gorshin guest stars.
15 Nov. 1975
Strike Force
The team has been assigned to protect a white supremacist. What they don't know is that the man's wife and right hand are having an affair and are plotting something.
22 Nov. 1975
The Swinger
The wild, man-crazy 15-year-old daughter of a district attorney leads Jim Street on a frantic chase as a enforcer plots to abduct the girl and trade her life for her father's cooperation.
29 Nov. 1975
Terror Ship
A tugboat hauling a barge laden with explosives is hijacked by a man who threatens to blow up the harbor and murder a famous marine biologist unless Hondo Harrelson delivers a million dollars in cash.
6 Dec. 1975
Murder by Fire
Hondo and his team go after a gang of arsonist-killers who pose as firemen, evacuate posh homes, shoot at actual firemen and police and escape with a fortune in jewels, paintings and antiques.
13 Dec. 1975
Silent Night, Deadly Night
A woman doctor and her "patient" plot to steal a half-million in jewels from a socialite who has brought the gems into the hospital where she is undergoing cosmetic surgery.
24 Jan. 1976
The Running Man: Part 1
S.W.A.T. is tasked by the Justice Department with protecting a key witness in a trial against a crime kingpin. The mob pulls out all stops and stoops to new lows to locate and liquidate David Neil.
24 Jan. 1976
The Running Man: Part 2
Ben Jordan begins a new life in Lakevale, but fast runs afoul of the town's power brokers. Jordan discovers that even this quaint community falls under the dark shadow of the Mob, and hopes the blue line of S.W.A.T. also extends this far.
31 Jan. 1976
Lessons in Fear
The theft of space age cutting tools and dynamite point to safe robbery and a murderous member of the gang's girlfriend runs an apartment for girls where resides a girl Luca is dating and is connected to the building with the safe.
21 Feb. 1976
Deadly Weapons
Lt. Hondo Harrelson investigates the murder of a young man who was slain helping a group of "professionals" burglarize his father's ware-house, containing a vast store of unmarked weapons.
28 Feb. 1976
The Chinese Connection
Hondo and a Chinese-American police lieutenant team up to crack a highly organized, heavily armed and deadly drug and protection ring which is terrorizing the Chinese community.
6 Mar. 1976
Dragons and Owls
S.W.A.T. goes after a gang of misfits who steal vans and attack beautiful women.
13 Mar. 1976
Any Second Now
Some men go into a radio station and plant explosives. The team arrives and when every access is taken out they have to find some way to get in.
16 Mar. 1976
Soldier on the Hill
A disoriented war veteran taking a tourist ride through a movie studio becomes convinced he is back at the front and takes a beautiful star as his prisoner.
20 Mar. 1976
Dangerous Memories
As Hondo fights for his life after being shot while leading an operation, team members Jim Street, Deacon Kay, Dom Luca and T.J. McCabe recall earlier experiences with the tough lieutenant.
3 Apr. 1976
Officer Luca, You're Dead
The basic idea of "Rashomon" -- the same event told in flashbacks from different perspectives -- fuels this story of Luca killing a man. The man, a distraught husband, had carried a .25 five-bullet automatic pistol up to his wife's lover's apartment and shot the lover (one bullet), one at a cop in a hallway (two), and two more out a window at the S.W.A.T. team (four). When he takes the wife downstairs to a cellar, Luca is waiting with his rifle and drops him in his tracks. The question remains now -- did the gunman fire the final bullet at Luca (Luca's version) -- did...

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