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8 Jan. 1985
You'll Never Get Rich
George, Louise and Florence go to Atlantic City, NJ. The 3 have different experiences. Louise trying to be 'star struck' but striking out. Florence's hot streak and unbelievable.
15 Jan. 1985
The Unnatural
George goes to a baseball game and drops a foul ball and it is shown on TV. He becomes despondent. Louise then goes to the man who struck the ball--Reggie Jackson to try and raise George's spirits.
22 Jan. 1985
Chairman of the Bored
After his wife, Helen, teases him about his boring stories, Tom fantasizes about intriguing Playboy Playmates with them.
29 Jan. 1985
Sayonara: Part 1
The Jeffersons and Willises - and granddaughter Jessica - are ecstatic when they learn Lionel and Jenny are coming to New York to stay. But the news they bear is certainly not worth celebrating.
5 Feb. 1985
Sayonara: Part 2
The Jeffersons and Willises continue to feud over their children's decision to seek a divorce, with the blame game coming to a boil at Parents Night at Jessica's school.
19 Feb. 1985
Last Dance
Florence agrees to be nerdy Clark's date at the high school dance since he can find no one else. In the meantime, the dashing teacher, Mr. Harris, is also coming to the dance but Florence doesn't seem to read him very well.
5 Mar. 1985
The Gang's All Here
Charlie's bar is just breaking even and when he needs to go out to Florida, Louise seizes the opportunity to disprove George's assertion women don't have business minds. She plans to put the bar in the black with a biker gang private party.
12 Mar. 1985
Hail to the Chief
Tom's hopes of being promoted from VP to Prez at the publishing company when the position becomes open are dashed when a rival gets the job. But there's more going on behind the scenes and George rallies to support Tom to keep his hopes up.
19 Mar. 1985
A Secret in the Back Room
Charlie the bartender is sleeping in the back room at his bar because he has a serious problem.
2 Apr. 1985
That Blasted Cunningham
When George's main competitor Cunningham dies, his widow begs for his help fearing the company will now fail leaving her without an income. But everyone else finds her intentions suspect and thinks George is too trusting.
23 Apr. 1985
State of Mind
With the help of a new neighbor who's quite young, Louise realizes that age and how old (or young) one feels is just a state of mind.
30 Apr. 1985
And Up We Go
With their wives away at a spa for the weekend, George and Tom decide to set a world record by riding the elevator up and down all weekend.
4 Jun. 1985
The Truth Hurts
Somebody has to tell Louise the truth: her paintings are terrible.
11 Jun. 1985
The Odd Couple
Florence places an ad in the "lonely hearts" column of the newspaper and is quite surprised with whom she meets as a result.
25 Jun. 1985
Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway
The Help Center gets their funding cut and all their recent fund raising events have failed. A local TV talent hosts a talent show with the top prize being free TV time to promote their cause. George also enters so he can promote cleaners.
2 Jul. 1985
Red Robins
George - coveting a Dry Cleaner of the Year Award, and to fulfill the community service portion of the award - becomes "nest mother" of Jessica's Red Robins troop, which is in the midst of its candy sale campaign. George gives the troop members some bad advice on how to sell the candy and really rake in the dough.

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