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3 Jan. 1982
Thammy the Thongwriter
New neighbor Sammy Gilson the songwriter is upset and creatively blocked due to marital woes, so George tries to cheer him up but has an ulterior motive: he wants Sammy to write a winning publicity jingle for Jefferson Cleaners.
17 Jan. 1982
I Spy
Self-absorbed Tom has been neglecting Helen, who has a business luncheon with a male colleague. George sees Helen with the other man, assumes she is cheating on Tom, and sets off a misunderstanding.
24 Jan. 1982
Dog Gone
George tries to curry favor with Whittendale by dog-sitting his wife's vicious canine, but sabotages his own efforts by playing fetch carelessly, and then scrambles to explain the unintended outcome.
31 Jan. 1982
Blazing Jeffersons
One of George's stores in Brooklyn catches fire and is heavily damaged. When faulty wiring is suspected, Tom encourages him to file an insurance claim and hold the man responsible for the bad wiring. Bad news: Lionel installed the wiring!
7 Feb. 1982
Men of the Cloth
Preparations are underway for Jessica's baptism, so George jettisons Florence's gospel singers and impersonates a minister to recruit Andrae Crouch to officiate at the ceremony.
21 Feb. 1982
A Case of Self-Defense
Lionel and Jenny's apartment is burglarized and looted. George worries that the crime wave will spread to his "deluxe apartment in the sky" and is determined to buy some insurance ... in the form of a gun. Louise totally objects, and is outraged when George goes behind her back to buy one. George finally realizes that a gun is a dangerous investment when little Jessica accidentally fires it and barely avoids shooting herself.
7 Mar. 1982
My Wife, I Think I'll Keep Her
George and Tom raises their wives' ire by promoting their businesses in a chauvinist fashion, so Louise and Helen walk out on them for a week to punish them for their mistakes.
14 Mar. 1982
Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?
The Jeffersons' and Willises plan a surprise party for Florence, but their cover story hurts her feelings so badly that she skips the event and commiserates with Ralph over their mutual lowly-servant status.
21 Mar. 1982
The Strays: Part 1
One of the delivery boys at Jefferson Cleaners is robbed at gunpoint by a street gang ... made up entirely of female hoods. When George goes to confront the female gangsters, they easily subdue him and then stab him. While he is writhing in pain on the sidewalk, the girls help themselves to Louise's ring George was taking to have reset as an anniversary gift.
28 Mar. 1982
The Strays: Part 2
It turns out that George is OK and will recover, but while recuperating, he contemplates a plan to get Louise's ring back from The Strays (the all-female gang whose members nearly killed George), despite her objections. George decides to hatch his plan for revenge anyway, knowing full well that the consequences could be far more severe.
11 Apr. 1982
Jeffersons Greatest Hits
A record company talent scout hears Florence sing in church and offers her a chance to cut an album. But George gets suspicious and thinks the man is nothing but a common swindler out to take Florence's $1200 life savings.
18 Apr. 1982
A Small Victory
Insufficient money for social programs at the Help Center tempts Louise and Helen to quit, until they meet a young prostitute who is being physically abused by her pimp.
2 May 1982
Lesson in Love
Florence is having a string of bad luck with dates, so Louise plays Cupid for her when a police officer drops by collecting for charity and finds Florence attractive.
16 May 1982
Do Not Forsake Me, Oh, My Helen
The cast plays in a Western spoof, with Florence as a waitress, Ralph an undertaker, George a gunslinger, and Louise a help counter proprietress. Tom is a bumbling cuckold who faces an outlaw that has come to steal brazen adulteress Helen.
26 Sep. 1982
Laundry Is a Tough Town: Part 1
George's competitor Blue Sky Cleaners is stealing his business. So George plans a wild promotion to get ahead, but Louise's attempt to help backfires and she becomes Blue Sky's one millionth customer.
3 Oct. 1982
Laundry Is a Tough Town: Part 2
Since he's losing ground to Blue Sky Cleaners, George wants to retire. But he is driving family and friends to distraction by becoming their "advice columnist".
10 Oct. 1982
Anatomy of a Stain
George refuses to accept blame when Tom's pants come back from Jefferson Cleaners with a permanent stain. So Florence suggests they settle the matter by fighting it out on a popular TV court show called Video Verdict.
17 Oct. 1982
Social Insecurity
Worried about her financial security, Florence asks George to provide her with a pension plan. When he refuses, Florence goes on strike and everyone turns against him to rally on Florence's behalf.
24 Oct. 1982
Charlie's Angels
Charlie the bartender borrows money from Tom to upgrade the bar and boost business with scantily clad waitresses. Louise and Helen take action when they feel that the changes are sexually exploitative toward women.
31 Oct. 1982
Heeeere's Johnny
George's boorish old friend and idol Johnny Moore, whom Louise has always despised, visits and gets on her nerves immediately with his childish practical jokes.
7 Nov. 1982
A Date with Danger
The Jeffersons and Willises all know that author Joseph Blake is a felon convicted of murdering his girlfriend. But Florence doesn't know it and eagerly accepts a dinner date with him.
21 Nov. 1982
Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner: Part 1
Louise's birthday gift to George is an ocean cruise on a ship that specializes in interactive murder mysteries. But the vacation takes a sinister turn when one of the fake sleuths is killed for real.
28 Nov. 1982
Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner: Part 2
During the ocean cruise, the surviving guests compare evidence and try to solve the real murder, with everyone ridiculing George's amateurish sleuthing efforts.
12 Dec. 1982
Appointment in 8-B
Dede Sanderson, the tenant in apartment 8-B downstairs, is having an affair with a man named George, so Ralph the doorman jumps to the conclusion that George Jefferson is romancing Dede and being unfaithful to Louise.
19 Dec. 1982
Poetic Justice
Louise finds George's old love poems to her and shares them with friends and neighbors, which displeases George greatly until Tom's publisher Graham Gregory wants to have a meeting with George.
26 Dec. 1982
How Now Dow Jones
After learning that Tom Willis made money from George's successful stock tip, Florence and her fellow building maids pool their money, form a consortium, and enter the stock market themselves by using George as their advisor.

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