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4 Jan. 1981
Calendar Girl
Against Lionel and Jenny's wishes, George and Louise enter Jessica in a baby contest - and misplace her in the process.
11 Jan. 1981
As Florence Turns
The cast spoofs the "Who Shot J.R." episode of Dallas when Florence writes a soap opera spoof centering on a ruthless dry cleaning tycoon who mistreats everyone in his orbit and even goads someone into doing him an injury.
18 Jan. 1981
God Bless Americans
George wants to appear on a patriotic-themed TV show to publicize his community involvement, until he meets the host: an obnoxious, flag-waving, xenophobic bigot.
25 Jan. 1981
Alley Oops
George and his business rival Cunningham are also rivals on their respective company bowling teams. So when George's best bowler can't make it, Tom Willis volunteers to substitute.
1 Feb. 1981
And the Doorknobs Shined Like Diamonds
When The Jeffersons' new furniture for their living and dining room arrives, one of the delivery men informs Weezie that the block of buildings she grew up around in Harlem - including the building she lived in - will be demolished for new development. She then visits her old, abandoned apartment there one last time, while thinking about some of the times she spent there.
15 Feb. 1981
Sorry, Wrong Meeting
George attends a meeting that he wrongly assumes is dealing with crime in the building - it turns out to be an attempt to recruit members of the Ku Klux Klan.
22 Feb. 1981
My Hero
George tells Louise, Helen and Florence that he rescued an old lady from a robbery attempt by fighting off the perpetrator. However, when George learns that the criminal escaped from the police, George becomes frightened and confesses to Louise that he embellished on the story; the robbery was actually averted when George accidentally slipped on a banana peel and crashed into the criminal.
1 Mar. 1981
I Buy the Songs
George forgets Valentine's Day, angers Louise by handing her cash instead, and then tries to mollify her by persuading a local composer to write an original song for her.
8 Mar. 1981
Small Fish, Big Pond
George pledges a fortune to an exclusive men's club that he wants to join.
15 Mar. 1981
Not So Dearly Beloved
George tells his rude and classless employee, Wendell, to come up to his apartment, where George plans to fire him. However, while George is talking, Wendell collapses on the sofa and dies of a stroke.
29 Mar. 1981
Florence's New Job: Part 1
George woos hotel magnate Arthur Claymore to get his business. But Claymore offers Florence a well-paying executive job that includes awarding dry cleaning contracts. So George selfishly tries to persuade her to accept the job.
29 Mar. 1981
Florence's New Job: Part 2
In her new job with Arthur Claymore, Florence has to placate snotty manager Lyle Block by firing one of the maids for both goldbricking and stealing customers' tips from her colleagues.
4 Oct. 1981
The Separation: Part 1
With a young daughter and a job offer waiting in Japan, times should be happy for Lionel and Jenny Jefferson. But they're far from happy; in fact, they're so happy they've agreed to a separation. This sets none to well with the Jeffersons or the Willises, who are determined to get at the root of the matter ... or in George's case, meddle to the point where they have to get back together.
11 Oct. 1981
The Separation: Part 2
George's plan for getting unhappy spouses Lionel and Jenny back together: Hiring a marriage counselor and tricking his son and daughter-in-law to the apartment to an involuntary counseling session.
18 Oct. 1981
Louise's Father
A newspaper article reveals that a man with the same name as Louise's father thwarted a crime. Since the man's picture and name are similar to those of Louise's presumed-dead father, George investigates.
25 Oct. 1981
My Maid, Your Maid
George and Louise decide that they need a new maid to replace Florence. But each one hires an applicant without consulting the other first.
1 Nov. 1981
I've Still Got It
George feels down due to a mid-life crisis, so Louise tries to cheer him up by sending him flowers with a seductive anonymous note attached. George concludes that his bookkeeper Carol sent the flowers and is in love with him.
8 Nov. 1981
Florence Did it Different: Part 1
The Claymore Hotel burns down and leaves Florence unemployed, so she returns to ask for her old job back without realizing that Carmen has been hired to replace her.
15 Nov. 1981
Florence Did it Different: Part 2
Florence has found no job to return to but Louise decides that there can be 2 maids. Florence for her and Carmen for George. ...but do Carmen or Florence really know what they themselves want?
29 Nov. 1981
The House That George Built
A near-death experience prompts George to work toward ensuring that his life and work inspire others, so he decides to write his autobiography - until a casual remark from Tom Willis gives him an even more pompous idea.
6 Dec. 1981
A Whole Lot of Trouble
On Louise's birthday, George announces plans to build another store - by knocking down a playground used by the kids from the Help Center where Louise works.
20 Dec. 1981
I've Got a Secret
George notices that Louise has been writing in her diary every night and, suspicious she might be hiding something, attempts to read it while Louise is away at work.
27 Dec. 1981
A Charmed Life
When George is denied an invite to a party attended by social-climbers because the host hates his guts, he goes to great lengths to take charm lessons and become more personable.

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