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3 Jan. 1979
Louise's Sister
George and friends want to surprise Louise after her sister Maxine, whom she hasn't seen in years, visits from Paris. However, when Louise sees her sister, she gets furious.
10 Jan. 1979
Louise's Reunion
When Louise finds out about a new clause in George's will, she almost gives him cause to use it.
24 Jan. 1979
A Bedtime Story
George's problems in the bedroom send him on a panicked search for solutions, from some of the most unlikely sources.
31 Jan. 1979
Florence Meets Mr. Right
Florence is quitting her job as the Jeffersons' maid when her new boyfriend, Buzz Thatcher, proposes to her. However, Louise is concerned that Florence is getting into a bad situation when she discovered that Buzz is controlling.
7 Feb. 1979
Louise's Award
Louise's donation to charity might win her a special award, if George's "donation" to a politician doesn't ruin her chances.
21 Feb. 1979
The Other Woman
Is it business or pleasure?
28 Feb. 1979
The Hold Out
George gets caught between his morals and his money when his efforts to increase his take on a business deal turn him into an unlikely neighborhood hero.
7 Mar. 1979
The Ones You Love
The first casualty from George and Louise's vicious verbal battle could be the interviewer interested in their "perfect marriage."
28 Mar. 1979
Every Night Fever
Louise's plan to spend more time with George backfires when he catches "disco fever" and goes dancing every night.
4 Apr. 1979
Three Faces of Florence
Has Florence finally flipped?
11 Apr. 1979
Louise's Convention
There's foul play afoot when George tries to duck out of celebrating his wedding anniversary with Louise and she tries to duck out of town to attend a convention.
18 Apr. 1979
The Freeze In
Cold spell heats up the house.
23 Sep. 1979
The Announcement
Jenny reveals to her parents that she is pregnant; however, George and Louise are initially upset because they learned Jenny chose not to tell them.
30 Sep. 1979
A Short Story
George is in ego heaven; he's been chosen as "The Midtown Small Businessman of the Year" -- but Louise soon discovers the group's shortcomings.
7 Oct. 1979
Louise's Old Boyfriend
Florence decides to impersonate Louise and the result is a three-ring circus. While Louise lingers, uncertain about keeping a 35-year-old "date" with her first boyfriend, Florence seizes the chance to be "Mrs. Jefferson" and keeps it herself.
21 Oct. 1979
Now You See It, Now You Don't: Part 1
It's Halloween and everyone is dressing up as their favorite movie stars; but instead of treats it becomes a night of tricks when Louise witnesses a man dressed like a rabbit killing someone.
28 Oct. 1979
Now You See It, Now You Don't: Part 2
While George and the others are gathered in the bar waiting for the costume contest to start; Louise has a face to face confrontation in her apartment with the killer rabbit who's now planning to make her his second victim.
4 Nov. 1979
Where's Papa?
The discovery of an unfulfilled request in his father's will leads George on an unusual search into his forgotten past. George's attempt to grant his father's last request, to be buried next to his wife, is complicated by the 40 years that passed since th
11 Nov. 1979
The Expectant Father
The Jeffersons and Willises are shocked when "expectant father" Lionel storms out of the apartment to pursue a boyhood dream. Lionel's mysterious actions make sense to no one except George -- who had spent a similar night of his own.
18 Nov. 1979
Joltin' George
George's big mouth and matching ego are hurriedly humbled when he is challenged to display his boxing ability. Having volunteered to help Marcus in the art of self-defense, George has a verbal, soon-to-be physical, run-in at the gym.
2 Dec. 1979
Baby Love
All the preparations for Jenny's baby leave Florence wanting a child to bolster her own womanhood and sends her "husband hunting." Florence joins a dating club to find a man to help her start a family.
9 Dec. 1979
Louise vs. Florence
Louise and Florence get into an argument over pettiness after Louise discovered an error in a plaque she had Florence take to an engraver.
30 Dec. 1979
Me and Mr. G
Louise is excited that a children's program sponsored by the Neighborhood Help Center is allowing her to have an orphan girl, Abby, stay with her for a week. However, when Abby acts like George after meeting him, Abby is sent back to the center.

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