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7 Jan. 1978
George and Whitty
When the lease on the Jeffersons' apartment is going to expire, H.L. Whittendale is thinking about renting the apartment to close friends of his. Worried about losing their home, George and Louise invite Mr. Whittendale over for a drink and social hour, hoping to gain his friendship. However, the man they invited over turns out to be H.L.'s brother, R.S. Whittendale.
14 Jan. 1978
Lionel Gets the Business
When Lionel gets laid off from his job, George hires him to work in his office. However, Lionel turns out to be trouble when he started spending company money on material things like new furniture and employee blazers.
21 Jan. 1978
The Blackout
During a city-wide blackout, George and Marcus make a trip to one of the cleaning stores in a bad part of town in order to prevent possible looting. But the mission goes from bad to worse.
28 Jan. 1978
Florence's Union
Florence and the other maids in the building decide to form a union. Louise supports the idea, but George opposes the idea because Mr. Whittendale does, too.
4 Feb. 1978
George and Jimmy
As a publicity gimmick for his store, George tries to get President Carter to stay with him. After a phone call to the White House degenerates into an argument, George's comments are interpreted by the Secret Service as a threat to the President.
11 Feb. 1978
Thomas H. Willis & Co.
Tom wants to start his own publishing firm but doesn't have collateral and asks George to cosign a loan. But after enduring another verbal battle with George, Helen finds out and vehemently objects.
18 Feb. 1978
Uncle George and Aunt Louise
George and Louise's troublesome nephew, Raymond, comes to visit from Chicago.
25 Feb. 1978
George and Louise in a Bind: Part 1
A burglar breaks into the Jeffersons' apartment and ties up George and Louise. As the burglar goes about his work, the couple are left to reminisce about their past. This episode includes clips from both "The Jeffersons" and "All in the Family."
25 Feb. 1978
George and Louise in a Bind: Part 2
George and Louise, still tied up in the kitchen, recall and talk about past times while the burglar's still at work robbing their apartment.
25 Feb. 1978
George and Louise in a Bind: Part 3
Along with talking about old times, the Jeffersons reflect on how lucky they are to be alive, have each other, their son Lionel and good friends. ..and wonder if that burglar will ever finish.
4 Mar. 1978
Jenny's Thesis
Jenny goes to the ghetto to write a thesis about gang violence. There, she meets a 12 year old boy who is already a veteran gang member.
20 Sep. 1978
Louise's Painting
George hits the roof when he sees Louise's sketch of a nude male model she drew at Helen's art class.
27 Sep. 1978
Homecoming: Part 1
Tom's father dies and leaves a warehouse to Alan, with the specific condition that he may not sell it to anyone on his father's side of the family. Meanwhile, the Help Center can't afford a rent increase, and George's laundry presser has raised his prices.
4 Oct. 1978
Homecoming: Part 2
George invites Alan to come and stay in his apartment, not letting him know of his ulterior motive: getting the warehouse.
11 Oct. 1978
How Slowly They Forget
George asks an old Navy buddy, Cornelius X. Mayflower, to help expedite the approval process for some necessary licenses for the Help Center.
18 Oct. 1978
George's Dream
George dreams it's 1996 - his friends and his wife are commemorating the silver anniversary of his first store (and he now has twenty), but he's dead.
1 Nov. 1978
George's New Stockbroker
George hires Roy Crandall, a former ventriloquist, as his new stockbroker. When his old stockbroker tells him that Roy spent time in a mental hospital, he regrets this and tries to stop Florence from going out with the man.
4 Nov. 1978
Me and Billy Dee
Louise wants a celebrity to talk to the kids at the Help Center, so George suggests Billy Dee Williams, who is in town making a movie. He calls him up, pretending to be author Alex Haley, and asks Ralph to find a lookalike in case he can't get the real thing. Florence is excited at first, but when Ralph returns with the name of a celebrity lookalike agency, she assumes that the man coming to the apartment is an impersonator.
8 Nov. 1978
Half a Brother
George is up for a nomination as a member of the Board of Directors of his bank. When the Bank President's daughter takes an interest in Alan, he tries to keep them apart.
22 Nov. 1978
What Are Friends For?
George's cousin Dusty needs a new kidney, and since his brother Bob has diabetes, George is the closest possible match.
29 Nov. 1978
George, Who?
Louise suffers amnesia following a bump to her head. George, Florence and their friends try to restore Weezie's memory by reenacting favorite and fun moments from her past.
13 Dec. 1978
Harry's House Guest
Harry Bentley is stuck with an insufferable lady houseguest and when George Jefferson volunteers to get him unstuck, he winds up sticking Bentley with something worse.
20 Dec. 1978
George Finds a Father
George finds out a disturbing secret about his mother from his guardian during the Christmas holiday.

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