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5 Jan. 1977
Louise Forgets
Despite trying to improve her memory, Louise forgets to call George's broker about a stock tip that George got from Ralph, and she's scared of how George will react. Meanwhile, Florence has an altercation with a fellow elevator passenger.
12 Jan. 1977
Bentley's Problem
Bentley is having issues from a grouchy man at the parking garage. George advices Bentley to be more aggressive with people during disagreements so that he doesn't always have to be pushed around. Bentley takes the suggestion, only to end up receiving a black eye. George taunts Bentley for being a coward, and Bentley decides to roughen up a little and punches a man's lights out. Bad news: the man is a police officer!
17 Jan. 1977
Jefferson Airplane
Louise is concerned when George takes lessons to become an airplane pilot.
24 Jan. 1977
George's Guilt
One of the members of George's old street gang called "The Seven Saints" passes on. Upset that he has not kept in touch with his old friends, he invites the remaining members of his group over to his apartment for a reunion.
31 Jan. 1977
A Case of Black and White
George invites Frank Howard, a man he is hoping to do business with and who is in an interracial marriage, to his apartment to meet his "dear friends" Tom and Helen to prove to Frank that he is not prejudice towards interracial couples. However, when Tom and Helen walk out on George, he asks Florence to pose as Helen and Ralph to pose as Tom.
7 Feb. 1977
Louise vs. Jenny
When Lionel gets sick, Louise and Jenny fuss over who is responsible to take care of him.
21 Feb. 1977
The Marriage Counselors
Tom & Helen have brought the romance back into their marriage. Louise now wants to try the same thing with George, who is reluctant to do the necessary work.
28 Feb. 1977
Louise's Friend
Louise studies French in night school and befriends a tall, dark, handsome male classmate, leading George to feel jealous and suspect that the man wants more than just friendship from Louise.
7 Mar. 1977
The Old Flame
Mother Jefferson invites George's old girlfriend, Harriet Johnson, over to his apartment for dinner. Sensing the opportunity, Harriet wants George to keep her as her mistress.
21 Mar. 1977
Jenny's Opportunity
Jenny wins a summer scholarship to Oxford University and faces a three-month separation from Lionel, whose conflicting feelings about it lead to a disagreement among them and all four of their parents.
28 Mar. 1977
George the Philanthropist
George's ulterior motive for pledging money to open a Harlem youth center is to qualify for a community service award. But will he still make good on his pledge even if he loses the award to a competitor?
11 Apr. 1977
Louise's Physical
Louise ,oddly,feels down after her 100% perfect physical exam. Meanwhile her loved ones are planning a surprise birthday party.
24 Sep. 1977
The Grand Opening: Part 1
George's celebration of opening Jefferson Cleaners' new corporate office is subdued when two crooks call, stating they have kidnapped Louise and demanding a $100,000 for her safe return.
24 Sep. 1977
The Grand Opening: Part 2
George and the others anxiously wait for the telephone call from the crooks who claimed they have kidnapped Louise, until she walks right into the apartment unscathed. Louise insists she never knew anything about kidnappers, and while everyone breathes a sigh of relief, there's one more question: Where is Florence?
1 Oct. 1977
Once a Friend
George is excited when he learns that an old Navy pal is in town and wants him to stop by at his hotel for a visit. However his old pal, Eddie, has a big surprise for George; his name is now Edie and he has undergone a sex change operation. Meanwhile, confusion with Eddie's name leads Louise to believe that George is having an affair with a woman named Edie.
8 Oct. 1977
George's Help
George hires Marcus from Louise's youth center to work in one of the cleaning stores, but Marcus quickly steals an expensive suede jacket that belongs to one of George's best customers.
15 Oct. 1977
George's Legacy
To ensure that his legacy will be known for generations to come, George has a bust made out of his likeness.
22 Oct. 1977
Good News, Bad News
Louise is hoping that Fay Blanchard, the director of the Neighborhood Help Center, will appoint her as editor of the center's newsletter. However, when Fay meets Helen and is impressed with her credentials, she gives Helen the job instead.
29 Oct. 1977
The Visitors
Florence receives unexpected visits from her parents, who have come to tell her that they have decided to divorce after decades of marriage.
5 Nov. 1977
The Camp Out
Marcus never got to go camping as a child. Louise persuades George to take him without realizing that Mother Jefferson is slated to come over. So George dumps his mother on Louise and takes Marcus camping.
12 Nov. 1977
The Last Leaf
Louise is convinced that her marital stability rests on the presence of her wedding corsage inside a book. But when the corsage turns up missing, Louise's imagination runs wild.
19 Nov. 1977
Louise's New Interest
Louise's new interest involves doing office work at a museum. But when an archaeologist invites her on a weekend dig where they will be the only ones present, suspicions arise.
26 Nov. 1977
The Costume Party
Before a costume party, George tells Florence to spill grape juice on a prospective client's pirate suit so that George can substitute a duplicate suit and pretend it's the original suit cleaned in record time. But things go wrong.
3 Dec. 1977
Florence Gets Lucky
George feigns interest in horse-racing to impress client Curt Hendricks, who is charmed by Florence's insults to George and invites Florence to join him in Las Vegas for a weekend.
10 Dec. 1977
George Needs Help
Workaholic George neglects Louise, so Tom suggests that George hire a general manager to help ease the load. Florence coaches qualified applicant Clarence on how to schmooze with George and ace the interview.
17 Dec. 1977
The Jefferson Curve
Marcus meets customer Natalie Parker at Jefferson's Cleaners and tells her he is George's son so she would date him. However, when Natalie meets George and tells him she is dating his son, George thinks Lionel is having an affair.
24 Dec. 1977
984 W. 124th Street, Apt. 5C
At Christmastime, Louise discovers that George has been sending monthly payments to an address in Harlem.

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