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3 Jan. 1976
The Breakup: Part 1
Lionel comes home in a fury and informs his parents that his English professor is forcing him to rewrite a term paper and make it flawless - or else he will get a failing grade and therefore cannot graduate. George, wanting to see his son be the first Jefferson to graduate college, pays a freelance writer to write that term paper instead and expects Lionel to just turn that one in. While the Willises and Louise thinks that is a bad idea, Lionel likes it, and this results in an argument between the two families and soon a break-up.
10 Jan. 1976
The Breakup: Part 2
Three days have passed after the Jeffersons and the Willises have broken up, and George is the only one happy about the present situation. He later meets a foxy lady at his cleaning store and decides to invite her to meet Lionel - a clear attempt to make sure Lionel and Jenny will separate for good. Unfortunately, George, despite Bentley's warning, is oblivious to the fact that the lady is a "working girl."
24 Jan. 1976
Florence's Problem
Florence shows out-of-character actions one day, including cleaning the Jeffersons' entire apartment without griping and giving Louise a prized possession of hers. As a result, Louise suspects that Florence is contemplating suicide.
31 Jan. 1976
Mother Jefferson's Birthday
Mother Jefferson visits George, Louise and Lionel on her birthday, expecting them to throw her a surprise party. However, after they realized they've forgotten about the big day, George, Louise and Lionel scramble to find the surprise Mother Jefferson is anxiously waiting for.
7 Feb. 1976
Louise's Cookbook
To George's disgruntlement, Louise is offered to write a cookbook.
14 Feb. 1976
George Meets Whittendale
George and Louise accepted an invitation to dinner with Harry Bentley and his sister; however, George realized at the last minute he got invited to a party hosted by Mr. Whittendale. Therefore, he wants to blow off the engagement with Bentley and attend Whittendale's gathering instead.
21 Feb. 1976
Lionel's Problem
Lionel becomes drunk on his graduation day, fearing that he will not live up to being as successful as his father.
28 Feb. 1976
Tennis Anyone?
George accepts Judge Markel's invitation to join the all-white Windsor Tennis Club for networking purposes, then finds out he was only invited to be the club's "token minority" and appease the local media.
6 Mar. 1976
The Wedding
George and Louise plan to renew their wedding vows. But then George shows his male chauvinism and enrages Louise by failing to treat her as an equal partner in their marriage.
25 Sep. 1976
George and the President
In order to drum up business during the American Bicentennial, George claims to be a descendant of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.
2 Oct. 1976
Louise Gets Her Way
After Florence has been evicted from her apartment (which is scheduled to be torn down), Louise allows her to move in. Big problem....George, who is tired of Florence's sass, has not been consulted on the matter.
9 Oct. 1976
Louise Suspects
George is opening a new store. But his strange behavior, coupled with Louise jumping to conclusions about a love letter sent to Harry Bentley, lead her to think that George is actually committing adultery.
16 Oct. 1976
The Lie Detector
On his first day at his new job, Lionel is expected to submit to a polygraph test and then quits because he feels the test is a violation of his privacy.
23 Oct. 1976
George's Diploma
George studies for his high school diploma after discovering that Lionel told his friends that his father graduated college with honors, hopefully to hide his shame.
30 Oct. 1976
The Retirement Party
George is excited when a major corporation makes an offer to buy him out and keep him on as management. However, as part of the buyout, he must force a long-time employee and friend into early retirement.
10 Nov. 1976
Lionel's Pad
George and Louise are initially upset when Lionel announces he will be moving out. Their anger worsens when he announces that he'll be moving in with Jenny.
17 Nov. 1976
Tom the Hero
While having a drink in Charlie's bar, George chokes on some popcorn. Tom leaves a neighboring table to perform the Heimlich maneuver and save George's life. But George isn't as grateful as he should be.
24 Nov. 1976
Jenny's Discovery
Jenny's premarital jitters about whether or not she loves Lionel enough to marry him are put to the test when he, George, and Tom go to a football game and may have been seriously injured in a charter bus accident en route.
8 Dec. 1976
The Agreement
After Bentley explains the concept of prenuptial agreements to George and Louise, George then suggests that Lionel talk Jenny into signing one. This leads to a rift between Lionel and Jenny.
15 Dec. 1976
Florence in Love
An argument over a "no guests" rule prompts Florence to quit her job.
22 Dec. 1976
The Christmas Wedding
Lionel and Jenny plan to get married on Christmas, even though the minister they choose doesn't meet George's criteria for religious denomination or skin color.

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