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Season 9

26 Sep. 1982
Laundry Is a Tough Town: Part 1
George's competitor Blue Sky Cleaners is stealing his business. So George plans a wild promotion to get ahead, but Louise's attempt to help backfires and she becomes Blue Sky's one millionth customer.
3 Oct. 1982
Laundry Is a Tough Town: Part 2
Since he's losing ground to Blue Sky Cleaners, George wants to retire. But he is driving family and friends to distraction by becoming their "advice columnist".
10 Oct. 1982
Anatomy of a Stain
George refuses to accept blame when Tom's pants come back from Jefferson Cleaners with a permanent stain. So Florence suggests they settle the matter by fighting it out on a popular TV court show called Video Verdict.
17 Oct. 1982
Social Insecurity
Worried about her financial security, Florence asks George to provide her with a pension plan. When he refuses, Florence goes on strike and everyone turns against him to rally on Florence's behalf.
24 Oct. 1982
Charlie's Angels
Charlie the bartender borrows money from Tom to upgrade the bar and boost business with scantily clad waitresses. Louise and Helen take action when they feel that the changes are sexually exploitative toward women.
31 Oct. 1982
Heeeere's Johnny
George's boorish old friend and idol Johnny Moore, whom Louise has always despised, visits and gets on her nerves immediately with his childish practical jokes.
7 Nov. 1982
A Date with Danger
The Jeffersons and Willises all know that author Joseph Blake is a felon convicted of murdering his girlfriend. But Florence doesn't know it and eagerly accepts a dinner date with him.
21 Nov. 1982
Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner: Part 1
Louise's birthday gift to George is an ocean cruise on a ship that specializes in interactive murder mysteries. But the vacation takes a sinister turn when one of the fake sleuths is killed for real.
28 Nov. 1982
Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner: Part 2
During the ocean cruise, the surviving guests compare evidence and try to solve the real murder, with everyone ridiculing George's amateurish sleuthing efforts.
12 Dec. 1982
Appointment in 8-B
Dede Sanderson, the tenant in apartment 8-B downstairs, is having an affair with a man named George, so Ralph the doorman jumps to the conclusion that George Jefferson is romancing Dede and being unfaithful to Louise.
19 Dec. 1982
Poetic Justice
Louise finds George's old love poems to her and shares them with friends and neighbors, which displeases George greatly until Tom's publisher Graham Gregory wants to have a meeting with George.
26 Dec. 1982
How Now Dow Jones
After learning that Tom Willis made money from George's successful stock tip, Florence and her fellow building maids pool their money, form a consortium, and enter the stock market themselves by using George as their advisor.
2 Jan. 1983
The Defiant Ones
Aided by a reluctant Helen, Louise decides to break into George's office safe in order to view an old photograph that George refuses to show her.
9 Jan. 1983
My Maid... My Wife
Louise masquerades as the maid and Florence plays George's wife in order to impress Florence's former schoolmate Pauline Jones Smythe, who is now a wealthy ostentatious snob.
16 Jan. 1983
Mr. Wonderful
Generous Tom once bought a life insurance policy for his cousin Meg, who hates Helen and has always disparaged the Willis marriage. But when George blabs to Helen about the policy, Helen hits the roof.
23 Jan. 1983
My Girl, Louise
Lillian Warren mistreated Louise by condescending to her when Louise worked as Lillian's maid fourteen years ago. But Louise may have to contact her for a donation when the Help Center is dangerously short on funds.
30 Jan. 1983
Bodyguards Are People Too
Cupid's arrow misfires: George's bodyguard Hugo Mojelewski falls in love with Jenny, who is still married to Lionel and depressed that no one will give her a break in the fashion design industry.
6 Feb. 1983
True Confessions
George and Louise are about to meet their 12-year-old foster child Jimmy for the first time. So why does a 40-year-old man show up at their door?
13 Feb. 1983
Mr. Clean
Florence is exhausted from cleaning up after George and his poker pals. George thinks Florence's job is easy enough to do in three hours, so he bets her a one-week paid vacation that it can be.
20 Feb. 1983
The Good Life
When prosperity smiles on the Jeffersons and Willises, Florence becomes jealous of their good fortune and spends her $200 savings to visit a fancy health spa frequented by celebrities.
6 Mar. 1983
Father's Day
A 12-year-old boy named Darren who seems fatherless persuades George to partner with him at bowling in a father-son tournament. But things aren't always as they seem.
13 Mar. 1983
Change of a Dollar
George's quick stop at his Queens cleaning store en route to dinner frames a flashback story to when he opened his first store, served his first customer, and earned his first dollar fifteen years earlier in 1968.
20 Mar. 1983
Designing Woman
George invites famous fashion designer Camille Hendricks over to help Jenny get a much-needed break in the fashion industry, but it's only a matter of time before something goes wrong.
27 Mar. 1983
Double Trouble
Cunningham Cleaners is using celebrity endorsements to win customers, so George follows suit - by using celebrity lookalikes while Louise pushes him to use real endorsements from his current customers.
3 Apr. 1983
Silver Lining
Florence buys a hat at an auction, finds $2500 in the lining of it, and dreams of what she'll do with her money. But then Louise tells her that the right thing to do is report the find to the police.
10 Apr. 1983
The Wheel of Forever
George refuses to buy a TV set for Florence, then dreams that he dies, goes to Limbo, and must play a game called Wheel of Forever in order to win the key to the Pearly Gates.
1 May 1983
Personal Business
Louise is upset that she and George never spend any time together so she decides to do something about it with hilarious results.

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