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Season 3

25 Sep. 1976
George and the President
In order to drum up business during the American Bicentennial, George claims to be a descendant of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.
2 Oct. 1976
Louise Gets Her Way
After Florence has been evicted from her apartment (which is scheduled to be torn down), Louise allows her to move in. Big problem....George, who is tired of Florence's sass, has not been consulted on the matter.
9 Oct. 1976
Louise Suspects
George is opening a new store. But his strange behavior, coupled with Louise jumping to conclusions about a love letter sent to Harry Bentley, lead her to think that George is actually committing adultery.
16 Oct. 1976
The Lie Detector
On his first day at his new job, Lionel is expected to submit to a polygraph test and then quits because he feels the test is a violation of his privacy.
23 Oct. 1976
George's Diploma
George studies for his high school diploma after discovering that Lionel told his friends that his father graduated college with honors, hopefully to hide his shame.
30 Oct. 1976
The Retirement Party
George is excited when a major corporation makes an offer to buy him out and keep him on as management. However, as part of the buyout, he must force a long-time employee and friend into early retirement.
10 Nov. 1976
Lionel's Pad
George and Louise are initially upset when Lionel announces he will be moving out. Their anger worsens when he announces that he'll be moving in with Jenny.
17 Nov. 1976
Tom the Hero
While having a drink in Charlie's bar, George chokes on some popcorn. Tom leaves a neighboring table to perform the Heimlich maneuver and save George's life. But George isn't as grateful as he should be.
24 Nov. 1976
Jenny's Discovery
Jenny's premarital jitters about whether or not she loves Lionel enough to marry him are put to the test when he, George, and Tom go to a football game and may have been seriously injured in a charter bus accident en route.
8 Dec. 1976
The Agreement
After Bentley explains the concept of prenuptial agreements to George and Louise, George then suggests that Lionel talk Jenny into signing one. This leads to a rift between Lionel and Jenny.
15 Dec. 1976
Florence in Love
An argument over a "no guests" rule prompts Florence to quit her job.
22 Dec. 1976
The Christmas Wedding
Lionel and Jenny plan to get married on Christmas, even though the minister they choose doesn't meet George's criteria for religious denomination or skin color.
5 Jan. 1977
Louise Forgets
Despite trying to improve her memory, Louise forgets to call George's broker about a stock tip that George got from Ralph, and she's scared of how George will react. Meanwhile, Florence has an altercation with a fellow elevator passenger.
12 Jan. 1977
Bentley's Problem
Bentley is having issues from a grouchy man at the parking garage. George advices Bentley to be more aggressive with people during disagreements so that he doesn't always have to be pushed around. Bentley takes the suggestion, only to end up receiving a black eye. George taunts Bentley for being a coward, and Bentley decides to roughen up a little and punches a man's lights out. Bad news: the man is a police officer!
17 Jan. 1977
Jefferson Airplane
Louise is concerned when George takes lessons to become an airplane pilot.
24 Jan. 1977
George's Guilt
One of the members of George's old street gang called "The Seven Saints" passes on. Upset that he has not kept in touch with his old friends, he invites the remaining members of his group over to his apartment for a reunion.
31 Jan. 1977
A Case of Black and White
George invites Frank Howard, a man he is hoping to do business with and who is in an interracial marriage, to his apartment to meet his "dear friends" Tom and Helen to prove to Frank that he is not prejudice towards interracial couples. However, when Tom and Helen walk out on George, he asks Florence to pose as Helen and Ralph to pose as Tom.
7 Feb. 1977
Louise vs. Jenny
When Lionel gets sick, Louise and Jenny fuss over who is responsible to take care of him.
21 Feb. 1977
The Marriage Counselors
Tom & Helen have brought the romance back into their marriage. Louise now wants to try the same thing with George, who is reluctant to do the necessary work.
28 Feb. 1977
Louise's Friend
Louise studies French in night school and befriends a tall, dark, handsome male classmate, leading George to feel jealous and suspect that the man wants more than just friendship from Louise.
7 Mar. 1977
The Old Flame
Mother Jefferson invites George's old girlfriend, Harriet Johnson, over to his apartment for dinner. Sensing the opportunity, Harriet wants George to keep her as her mistress.
21 Mar. 1977
Jenny's Opportunity
Jenny wins a summer scholarship to Oxford University and faces a three-month separation from Lionel, whose conflicting feelings about it lead to a disagreement among them and all four of their parents.
28 Mar. 1977
George the Philanthropist
George's ulterior motive for pledging money to open a Harlem youth center is to qualify for a community service award. But will he still make good on his pledge even if he loses the award to a competitor?
11 Apr. 1977
Louise's Physical
Louise ,oddly,feels down after her 100% perfect physical exam. Meanwhile her loved ones are planning a surprise birthday party.

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