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Season 2

13 Sep. 1975
A Dinner for Harry
It is Harry Bentley's birthday, and the Jeffersons have invited him and the Willises over for a dinner party. But the occasion turns sour when Tom shows up wearing the same tuxedo as George, causing George to become jealous. Meanwhile, Helen is trying to hide the fact that she was mugged a few days earlier, and if Tom knows about this he will surely move his family out of New York City.
27 Sep. 1975
Louise's Daughter
A young woman shows up at the Jeffersons' doorstep, claiming that she is Louise's long-lost daughter. Louise and George deny her claims, but Mother Jefferson brings up the disturbing news that Louise dated a man years ago - when George was at Korea.
11 Oct. 1975
Mother Jefferson's Fall
Upset that she is not being paid attention to by George, Louise and Lionel during a visit at their apartment, Mother Jeffersons fakes a fall to garner attention.
1 Nov. 1975
Movin' on Down
George feels that his fortunes are taking a turn for the worse when his business is making less profit and his banker won't return his calls.
22 Nov. 1975
George's Best Friend
George's Navy pal, Wendell Brown, pays him a visit. However, Wendell is more interested in getting fresh with Louise than in reminiscing old times with George.
6 Dec. 1975
George's Alibi
During a severe snowstorm, Lionel accidentally dented George's company van; however, he would not tell him because Lionel took the van without his father's permission. Unfortunately, George thinks that he himself dented the van due to a hit and run he thinks he caused.
13 Dec. 1975
Lunch with Mama
Mother Jefferson expects George to take her to their monthly lunch date, to the dismay of Louise because she wants George to accompany her to a family friend's funeral on the same day.
3 Jan. 1976
The Breakup: Part 1
Lionel comes home in a fury and informs his parents that his English professor is forcing him to rewrite a term paper and make it flawless - or else he will get a failing grade and therefore cannot graduate. George, wanting to see his son be the first Jefferson to graduate college, pays a freelance writer to write that term paper instead and expects Lionel to just turn that one in. While the Willises and Louise thinks that is a bad idea, Lionel likes it, and this results in an argument between the two families and soon a break-up.
10 Jan. 1976
The Breakup: Part 2
Three days have passed after the Jeffersons and the Willises have broken up, and George is the only one happy about the present situation. He later meets a foxy lady at his cleaning store and decides to invite her to meet Lionel - a clear attempt to make sure Lionel and Jenny will separate for good. Unfortunately, George, despite Bentley's warning, is oblivious to the fact that the lady is a "working girl."
24 Jan. 1976
Florence's Problem
Florence shows out-of-character actions one day, including cleaning the Jeffersons' entire apartment without griping and giving Louise a prized possession of hers. As a result, Louise suspects that Florence is contemplating suicide.
31 Jan. 1976
Mother Jefferson's Birthday
Mother Jefferson visits George, Louise and Lionel on her birthday, expecting them to throw her a surprise party. However, after they realized they've forgotten about the big day, George, Louise and Lionel scramble to find the surprise Mother Jefferson is anxiously waiting for.
7 Feb. 1976
Louise's Cookbook
To George's disgruntlement, Louise is offered to write a cookbook.
14 Feb. 1976
George Meets Whittendale
George and Louise accepted an invitation to dinner with Harry Bentley and his sister; however, George realized at the last minute he got invited to a party hosted by Mr. Whittendale. Therefore, he wants to blow off the engagement with Bentley and attend Whittendale's gathering instead.
21 Feb. 1976
Lionel's Problem
Lionel becomes drunk on his graduation day, fearing that he will not live up to being as successful as his father.

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