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Season 10

2 Oct. 1983
Mission: Incredible: Part 1
George agrees to work with a couple of old army acquaintances to teach Tom a lesson to not be so trusting but the scam is real and Tom needs George's help to try to get the money back before Helen learns he's lost their vacation home money.
3 Oct. 1983
Mission: Incredible: Part 2
George and Tom pursue the grifters to Las Vegas and gain the assistance of a high tech wizard played by Mission: Impossible star Greg Morris. A plan is laid to trick the grifters with a phony doomsday television news story.
9 Oct. 1983
Mission: Incredible: Part 3
Third and concluding episode of a 3 parter in which George and Tom try to get back Tom and Helen's vacation home money before Helen finds out Tom lost it in the well known pigeon drop where a promise for a big short-term profit is promised.
16 Oct. 1983
I Do, I Don't
George and Louise host a marriage seminar for newlyweds sponsored by the Help Center in their apartment. A wide range arrives including young, old, wealthy and poor. Naturally where George's advice isn't highly-flawed it is hypocritical.
23 Oct. 1983
How Not to Marry a Millionaire
Florence meets and dates an attractive, wealthy businessman who keeps trying to lavish one more indulgent gift after another on her but she declines them all. Is he really too good to be true?
30 Oct. 1983
And the Winner Is...
The Help Center's Volunteer of the Year award is coming up and all tell Louise she should win but she disagrees. But when she hears the board is giving it to a donor who is essentially buying the award, an unseen side of Louise emerges.
6 Nov. 1983
The Return of Bentley
The UN calls Bentley back from the USSR, sent for messing with an ambassador's wife. George pledges to get his old apartment back but building owner Whittendale has it slated for a real estate mogul who promises George a big money deal.
20 Nov. 1983
The List
While cleaning out some boxes, George finds a list of things he hoped to accomplish by a certain age and realizes he hasn't completed the list yet.
4 Dec. 1983
Who's the Fairest?
George to host a Miss Jefferson Cleaners contest for publicity. No surprise that it draws a bevy of beauties but his dilemma is between building owner Wittendale's niece and a truly talented entrant, a daughter of an disliked fellow tenant.
11 Dec. 1983
Father Christmas
While Louise, Helen and Bentley go out caroling, George and Tom decline, asserting that the female name in it, Carol, proves it's for women. George and Tom spend the evening bonding, sharing poignant stories of their father's at Christmas.
1 Jan. 1984
What Makes Sammy Run?
Sammy Davis, Jr. plays himself as a next-door neighbor who is trying to duck recognition from the press and public. A tabloid reporter tells Louise he will pay $2,000 if she can find out which apartment he is in which Florence overhears.
8 Jan. 1984
Getting Back to Basiks
George asks Walter, an employee of his with a talent for drawing, to help him create a TV ad for the cleaners. Louise wonders at his resistance and discovers it is because he is illiterate and helps him overcome the shame and learn to read.
15 Jan. 1984
The Command Post
George refuses to allow Florence to accompany he and Louise to Atlantic City. After they leave, Florence gets a minor injury in a stakeout she allows the police of a nearby suspected drug deal. Guilty, George thinks she's seriously injured.
29 Jan. 1984
Real Men Don't Dry Clean
George and Tom start to feel less than masculine because of the girl's excitement over a macho physical trainer they know. When Bentley has access to a cabin in the woods, all 3 go with the plan to return with he-man hunting stories.
12 Feb. 1984
Trading Places
Tired of watching George mistreat his friends Louise falls asleep and has a dream where she is like George and he is like her. A good episode using role reversal.
4 Mar. 1984
My Guy, George
George takes over as manager of Florence's singing group but his booking decisions end in a bad note.
11 Mar. 1984
A New Girl in Town
Florence's 18-year-old cousin, Rhonda comes for a 'visit'. When Rhonda reveals she's 'staying' in NY, with no real plans. Florence's anger makes Rhonda leave and take a very questionable job offer.
18 Mar. 1984
George is the subject of an article for a prestigious magazine about African American business owners but there's one problem: they want to take photos of his store and are not happy with Otis who has a shoe shine stand out front.
25 Mar. 1984
Hart to Heart???
Mr. Whittendale plans to replace Ralph the door man with an electric door.
1 Apr. 1984
George's Old Girlfriend
George's old flame is back in town and she's got a grudge to settle with George.
15 Apr. 1984
Honeymoon Hotel
Tom and Helen squabble over where to spend their second honeymoon; Tom wants to go fishing, Helen wants the Plaza Hotel. George comes up with the seeming perfect compromise, the same small town hotel of their first honeymoon.
6 May 1984
In the Chips
Florence emcees a bingo fund raiser at church but needs card markers. George's friend arrives with a bagful of casino chips, eluding men who plan to murder him for the money. Trick is he registered in George's name and the men come looking.

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