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Season 1

18 Jan. 1975
A Friend in Need
George wants to hire a maid for his new luxury apartment, but Louise, having worked as a maid herself for many years, doesn't feel comfortable with the idea.
25 Jan. 1975
George's Family Tree
Talk of ancestry doesn't interest George, who believes the past should remain in the past - until he learns that he was descended from African royalty.
1 Feb. 1975
The Good Life Is Bad for Louise
Ever since Florence was hired as the maid for the Jeffersons, Louise's life has been the same old routine and wishes for a change. She therefore is interviewed by a businessman who invites her to work for him. Initially Louise feels upbeat about work, but realizes her new boss is the business rival of George!
8 Feb. 1975
Lionel the Playboy
Lionel spends time with high-society people at a party, thinking that he is "making it to the top." Therefore, he threatens to quit school indefinitely, much to the dismay of Louise.
15 Feb. 1975
Mr. Piano Man
George likes the idea of boosting his classy ans luxurious image, so he asks Louise to purchase a piano for their home, despite knowing that no one around can play one. George later becomes positive the piano will impress Mr. Whittendale, a wealthy banker whom he always wanted to meet, but due to Florence's impudent behavior, the piano purchased turns out to be far too big for the apartment.
22 Feb. 1975
George's Skeleton
George's old friend, Monk Davis, pays him a visit, demanding hush money George has been paying him for years to keep a crime the two committed a secret from Louise and Lionel.
1 Mar. 1975
Lionel Cries Uncle
Louise's Uncle Ward visits the Jeffersons, but George derisively refers to him as an "Uncle Tom" for having worked as a butler for many years.
8 Mar. 1975
Mother Jefferson's Boyfriend
Louise tells George that his mother and her boyfriend of two weeks are thinking about marrying and moving to Florida. George thinks that the man is a fortune-hunter trying to go through Mother Jefferson to get George's money.
15 Mar. 1975
Meet the Press
Publicity-seeker George learns a newspaper reporter is planning a series of articles on successful African-American businessmen. However, George decision to invite the reporter to a party backfires on him when the reporter finds far more interesting subjects to write about ... in the Willises and Mr. Bentley.
22 Mar. 1975
Rich Man's Disease
Goerge comes home with an ulcer, and in order for him to feel normal and healthy again, Louise is advised to take every one of his wishes as her command.
29 Mar. 1975
Former Neighbors
Two last-minute invitations collide: George invites business magnate Coleman Harris to dinner on the same night that Louise invites their earthy former neighbors Roy & Natalie Simms.
5 Apr. 1975
Like Father, Like Son?
When Lionel comes on like his father, sparks start flying between him and Jenny. George makes matters worse by touching off fireworks between Jenny's parents, Tom and Helen.
12 Apr. 1975
Jenny's Low
Jenny gives her brother an ice-cold reception when he suddenly appears after a two-year absence. George is the only one who understands Jenny's strange behavior and, unfortunately, he makes no bones about saying so.

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