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Season 1

6 May 1975
The Invisible Man
Having nothing to do with H.G. Wells novel beyond the premise of a scientist making himself invisible, this is a TV-series pilot which even changes the characters' names.
8 Sep. 1975
The Klae Resource
Lionel Parks, a well-known recluse, has developed a process to quadruple the efficiency of fossil fuels, but instead of selling it to the US government, he auctions it to the highest bidder, which happens to be a Middle Eastern concern. The FBI doesn't believe Parks made the decision of his won free will, and enlists Dan and Kate to find the billionaire in his Las Vegas sanctuary.
15 Sep. 1975
The Fine Art of Diplomacy
When forgeries of great masters are discovered in the Capitol building, the Klae Resource is called in to break up a ring of art thieves. Kate must vamp a foreign ambassador to gain Dan access to a secret vault before the valuable paintings can be shipped out of the country.
22 Sep. 1975
Man of Influence
Dan is being asked to check out a spiritualist who claims to be able to contact the deceased. And it seems he has been able to contact some of the deceased loved ones of some of the country's top politicians who are telling them that they're on the wrong path.
29 Sep. 1975
Eyes Only
The KLAE Corporation is hired to prove that government employee Paula Simon is stealing government secrets. Kate goes undercover as Simon's new assistant, while Dan uses his invisibility to follow her. Simon turns out to have a photographic memory and types up important papers for an unknown blackmailer. But beware the red dot! Anyone on whom the red dot appears is mysteriously shot in broad daylight, and Dan may be next!
6 Oct. 1975
Barnard Wants Out
Defector Dr. Leon Barnard, Dan's former mentor, has grown dissatisfied with life behind the Iron Curtain, and it is up to the Klae Resource to bring him back to the US. But his daughter Anna, engaged to Russian officer Alexi Zartov and fully indoctrinated in Communism, ends up working against the Westins.
3 Nov. 1975
Go Directly to Jail
The Westins are approached by the cleaning woman in the Klae building, who is convinced her son was framed. Dan must break into prison to foil a drug-smuggling operation.
24 Nov. 1975
Stop When Red Lights Flash
While passing through the small town of Docker Junction, the Westins are stopped by an empty school bus with red lights flashing and uncover a scheme to swindle motorists out of millions of dollars in bogus fines.
1 Dec. 1975
Pin Money
When Margaret Carlson finds herself about to be replaced at the Harperville Bank by a computer, she turns to her only relative Walter for help. Her nephew must leave town, however, and the Westins invite Maggie to spend the night. She sneaks out in the night, followed by Dan, who tails her to a high-stakes poker game. The Westins confront Maggie, who admits that she tried to win enough money to retire, originally staking her game with funds "borrowed" from the bank. Now the Wesins must find a way to return the money to the bank before Maggie's indiscretions are made ...
8 Dec. 1975
The Klae Dynasty
The owners of the Klae Corporation, siblings Carolyn, Julian, and Morgan Klae, arrive to oversee a meeting of the world's intellectual elite, and the Klae Resource is tapped to protect Carolyn, who has been receiving threats. As preparations for the meeting are being finalized, a group of phony caterers kidnap Carolyn Klae in what appears to be an inside job. Dan's attempt to rescue her is complicated by the fact that he's accused himself.
15 Dec. 1975
Sight Unseen
When Laurie Capas is kidnapped to prevent her father from testifying against the mob, only the Klae Resource can locate the girl without endangering her. Since Laurie is blind, she doesn't realize her rescuer is invisible, and Dan must lead his charge past dozens of guards to safety.
19 Jan. 1976
Power Play
Walter is surprised in his office by an escaped mental patient named Pike who demands, at gunpoint, the secret of the KLAE Resource. Pike learned everything about the KLAE Corporation from his cell mate Morgan Klae, and stymies Walter's every attempt to set off a secret alarm. Dan, Kate, and Walter must somehow protect the secret of invisibility without setting off the dangerous madman.
26 Jan. 1976
An Attempt to Save Face
Dr. Nick Maggio, the inventor of Dermaplex, receives a summons to Chicago where he meets Rojin, the most powerful man in the Eastern Bloc. Fearing he will be ousted in favor of a younger man, the Chairman wants a face lift. Maggio agrees, but summons the Westins to act as his assistants in case of trouble. Once Dan and Kate arrive, the former does some snooping and learns that someone is trying to assassinate the Chairman. Dan, his face covered with gauze, takes Rojin's place in the hospital bed, making himself the next target.

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